Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My World Tuesday - Singapore Botanic Garden - Sculptures

Spotted more sculptures during this trip to Singapore Botanic Garden.

Near the symphony Lake in Singapore Botanic Garden, there was this sculpture of Statue of Frederick Chopin.

This work of art is created by Polish sculptor Karol Badyna.

The enscription, on a page at foot of Chopin's chair, reads:
Frederick Chopin (Szopen) 1810 – 1849
The Most Eminent of Polish Composers
This sculpture is a gift of the people of Poland to Singapore, in memory of music's greatest tone poets
Made possible by the generous support of:
Halina and Miroslaw Pienkowski and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in SingaporeOctober 2008

A mother holding her child high in the air, “Joy” celebrates love, life and laughter.The sculpture has been donated by a member of the public who wishes to remain anonymous. “Joy” is displayed on Lawn H, overlooking Swan Lake.

Statue of boys playing piggy back or "Changkuda.

" Changkuda" literally means horse riding in Malay, a game we used to play in the old carefree days of Singapore. It's simply mounting on someone's back for a fun race...
Created recently by local sculptor Chong Fah Cheong who also did the "First generation" sculpture by the Singapore River banks of Fullerton Hotel.

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Mama Zen said...

Lovely shots!

Rajesh said...

Wonderful and interesting sculptures.