Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My World - Chinese New Year 2012 - Chinatown Singapore

Chinese New Year will be here in next week. This year will be year of the dragon. Chinatown was decorated with a huge dragon.

Lots of little dragon in our chinatown. So cute, actually I saw all these in Guangzhou, China when I visited last month. Of course they were much cheaper in Guangzhou as they were made in China.

Oh I like this this, lion dance puppet in my favourite colour.

Red is auspicious during the Chinese New Year, so everywhere will be decorated with red. This year I did not take much photos of chinatown.

Spotted these cute radish plants. In chinese, radishes are called "cai tou" (菜头) which sounds like the word ”good luck” (彩头). This explains why the plant is popular during Chinese New Year.

The word "orange" in Chinese sounds like "gold" or "good luck so anything plants or fruits orange in colour are popular during Chinese New Year too.

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magiceye said...

Wow that is a lovely set of images!
Have a fun New Year celebration!!

Lara @ Uproad said...

lovely, as usual! and the bright colours, and the fruits! a delight!

jewaicious said...

What a wonderful capture of colors and contrasts, each one a beauty.