Friday, September 30, 2011

Sculptures Trail along Singapore River - Cavenagh Bridge and Kucinta

Cavenagh Bridge, named after Sir Lieutenant General William Orfeur Cavenagh, the last Governor of the Straits Settlements (1859 - 1867) under British India control. It was built in 1868 and is today the oldest bridge across the Singapore River. It was the last major work of the Indian convicts based in Singapore. Now it serves as a foot-bridge for pedestrian traffic only. You can read more from source.

A very old signboard during the olden days of Singapore where cattle and horses roam around the streets. But nowadays horses are found in the zoo, turf club and polo club only.

Proof of how old this bridge is.

Located at the side of the bridge are these cat sculptures. Known as Singapura or kucinta. Kucinta (Kuchinta) a hybrid of two Malay words: Kuching (cat) and cinta (love).
The Singapura Cat a.k.a. Kucinta (Kuchinta) is regarded as Singapore's Tourism Board's mascot, although claims of it having originated from Singapore remain questionable. Read more from source to find out the real origins of the cats.

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Rajesh said...

That is great looking bridge.

thomas said...

This is one old bridge i want to visit,nice shots.

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Very good post and nice photos.

Regards and best wishes

Alexander said...

I've always like this bridge and its finer details. :) Looks like a nice, sunny weather! :) hahaha

Have a good weekend! :)

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