Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pulau Ubin - Food

The best part of the visit on Pulau Ubin must be food hahaha. We had lunch at the above restaurant. The food is superb and the portion is big. We called medium size but is like large size on mainland Singapore.

Sambal Kangkong - so good

Kampong Chicken - wow I still can remember the taste and smell. This is really very delicious. The chicken are reared on Pulau Ubin. Next visit, I will order this dish again.

Sweet and Sour pork - also so good

Claypot tofu and assorted vegetables - a real huge pot - delicious

Omelette with onion

After lunch, we planned to walk around the island and stay for seafood dinner. But suddenly it was raining so heavily and we had to seek shelter in one of the villager's compound.

We plan to have seafood dinner at this restaurant but the rain came pouring, we could not go round the island so we decided to go back and come back another day to look for another temple on the island.