Tuesday, December 14, 2010

City Square Mall - Bubble Girl

During the long school holiday in November/December, most parents would bring their kids overseas for holiday. It is a long break from school and the time where kids should really be enjoying the long holiday and just relax and being a child.

Besides going overseas, parents also like to bring kids out shopping and having fun in the mall.

Another nice place to bring the kids when shopping is City Square Mall. It is located above Farrer Park MRT Station. There are so many malls in Singapore, we are really spoilt with so many choices. I finally made a repeated visit to City Square Mall...lol.

Kids really like the bubbles made by Bubble Girl. Great activity for the kids too.

Bubble Girl with Santa and Elves - very beautiful bubble show.

Boy taking photo with bubble girl, hahaha kid are just so innocent, the boy just burst the bubble without waiting for his parents to take photo of him inside the bubble.

Bubble Girl had to put the boy's hands into his pocket to prevent him from bursting the bubble...lol.

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Sylvia K said...

I can imagine how much the young ones enjoy the mall along with the holidays! Terrific captures as always, Alice! Hope your week is off to a great start!


Rajesh said...

Fantastic place. Shopping for grown ups and fun for kids.

Anonymous said...

there is no shortage of activities for kids in s'pore, i'm guessing, with all the facilities available.

2 months break - would this be corresponding to the summer break that other countries have?

Indrani said...

Singapore is a great tourist attraction. Great pics and videos.

Ann said...

a friend in Singapore just told me, malls are great, no smell, not dirty and free air con.