Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sentosa - Images of Singapore (Part 3)

Continued from yesterday's post.

The exhibit of a baby sleeping. During the olden days, people cannot afford a crib or baby's bed so they make do with a sarong as a cradle. A sarong is a very big piece of fabric wrapped around a person's waist (just like a large tube) and can be worn by both men or women. When I gave birth to my sons, I also used the sarong as well as a baby's But as my sons get older, they can climb out of the sarong.

During the one month old of a baby, there will be a celebration and eggs are dye in red to celebrate the occasion.

An exhibit of an old man and his grandchild having some tea and cakes to celebrate the moon cake festival. Now this is interesting. The table, chairs, teaset and even the basket on the table were exactly the same as those used by my grandparents. Even the old man's singlet and pyjama pants are exactly what my grandfather and father

A replica wax figures of a wayang/opera.

Lion Dance
As I climb up the stairs to view more exhibits, I can view the lion dance from the above. Take a look at the short video and take note of a wax figure in the opposite direction where I was standing. It looked so real...


Lawstude said...

i had a picture taken on your 4th pic so i can definitely say that i have been to that place. yoohoo.

alicesg said...

Hahaha...with high technology, we can be on the moon

Law, I hope Universal Studio, Singapore will be open by March for your visit. :) I think the ticket is about S$66.

Anonymous said...

very beautiful photos