Monday, January 18, 2010

Sentosa - Images of Singapore Part 1

Took these photos last November but was too busy to sort them out.

Had a great time visiting Sentosa. The Images of Singapore showcase the history of Old Singapore. It is very interesting and very worth visiting.

We were viewing a short movie about the different cultures of Singapore and where our forefathers come from.

These are just some exhibits show casing the coolies (labourers) taking a rest in their quarters. These coolies mostly come from China and worked in Singapore as coolies to pay for their journey from China to Singapore.

A ma jie (house servant cum babysitter) seeking the help of a writer to write a letter back to her family in China. Most of these ma jie come from Singapore and they vow never to marry. They came to Singapore during the early fifties to earn more money to send back to their family in China.

A female construction worker also know as Samsui women. They worked mostly at construction sites in the 1950s. They carried rocks, dug holes and conducted menial work that defied their small physical stature. They wore a red head dress which became their trademark feature. You can read more about them from infopedia.

A milkman delivering fresh milk to our door steps. Nowadays we get our milk from the supermarket. The milkman is no longer seen in Singapore.
More photos in later posts.


Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Thanks for the info. It'd be good to revisit Sentosa Island. Those yesteryears certainly come alive in the stories.

the donG said...

i actually missed a lot of place there. i was there for a very short time but it was nice seeing singapoh.

now i get to see of it more here.

CC said...

I'm so happy to see you back posting. I was getting worried. Take care my friend..and I so loved the post today. I will see you soon again. Hugs from Texas..CC

thomas said...

nice place to learn about history.