Friday, August 21, 2009

ION Orchard - Posh Toilet

A posh toilet to go with the branded mall. The toilet is so clean and posh. I am talking about the public toilets in ION Orchard. Sorry I am not eligible to use the VIP toilet. The VIP toilets are for customers who spend more than $10,000 and also for celebrities or dignitaries, i.e. very important

These toilets are not VIP toilets but they still are very posh and clean and they are free to use, no need to spend $10,

In the centre of the posh toilets are vanity table with beautiful mirrors where the ladies can do their make up, etc.

Oh I like this. Every mirror in front of the basin, are personal hand dryer and paper towel. So there are so many hand dryers in the toilets, each located at the bottom of the mirror. How cool is that.

And no need to queue to use the toilets as there are so many cubicles in the toilets. I wish all public toilets in Singapore are like that.
Next week I will post photos of a new mall that is associated with food and the arts. So art lovers will like to come visit my blog next week.


Anya said...

Those toilets are very Modern and beautiful :))))
The hand dryers located in the bottom of the mirrors
"I NEVER SEEN BEFORE" fantastic ;)

Have a nice weekend Alice :))))

Lara said...

a VIP toilet? that is a hilarious thing!

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Looks like people with money need THAT extra pampering!!!
The ordinary toilets will do for me as long as they are clean and the toilets do flush!
Very nice toilets and impressive.

Mable said...

Haha Alice, I missed these toilets. Since I can't afford to spend at all the branded-name shops, I could at least go there again to give instead.Thanks for the very useful info and the great pictures :-)

Autumn Belle @ KDP said...

I guess this has become the new benchmark for toilets in South East Asia.

alicesg said...

Thanks for all the comments and visit. I like clean toilets. I am very impressed with the clean toilets in Korea when I went visiting last year. They even come with heaters because of their winter. The toilets in their malls are so clean and impessive. Now lets hope all the malls in Singapore will be like ION Orchard.

Ann said...

Where is ION? I went to ex John Little, the toilets were quite nice.

The best toilet I went was in KL, they even have toilet paper seats like aeroplanes. I was impressed. But my KL friends say it was new when I visited. Now, they don't have the paper seat covers any more. New Broom sweeps clean???

alicesg said...

Ann, ION Orchard is above Orchard MRT Station. It used to be an empty field beside wisma atria.

the donG said...

here, special toilets requires paying a minimal fee.

it's really posh! so beautiful! ladies will spend more time talking there. hehehe...

alicesg said...

Dong, wait till you see the male I heard they come with television. Sorry, my hubby refused to take photo of the male

Alexander said...

haha... Posh toilet! And it's free! I can't believe it. Spend $10,000 or more to use a toilet?!!! That's shocking.

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