Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple Part 2

Still in the vicinity of kwan Im Temple, I spotted some people touching the laughing buddha. The laughing buddha belongs to a shop in the background just next to the Kwan Im temple. The shop sells mainly buddhist statues, artefacts, charms, etc. The owner was smart to attract customers by placing a huge laughing buddha outside his shop. Not sure how it started, but everyone seems to touch the laughing buddha for luck, blessings and etc.

And no, I dont follow suit, never went to touch the laughing No. 1, am a free thinker, No. 2, since SARS(a deadly unknown disease), never wanted to touch anything that have so many people touch.

I know of a friend who dont go out because it is 14 (means sure die in cantonese) So you could only see him out in the street except on the 14th of every month, dont he go to work on the 14? And someone I knew had No. 8(means prosper in chinese) on his car license plate, house number, telephone telephone, etc but now he is a bankrupt. I am just happy and contented with each day waking up still alive. :)

Sorry for the shaky I was minding my steps and not holding the camera properly.


napaboaniya said...

In the recent years the number 4 has been greatly in demand... especially 14!!
It goes...yat-hey(everyday up) in Cantonese :P
number 4 or number 8 doesn't matter to me, back to basics, they're all simply numerals nia. Everyday happy can liow :P

david mcmahon said...

Yes, Alice, I'm familiar with the significance of 8, but I didn't know about 14.

Lara said...

we have lots of superstitions here, less about numbers, more about whatever-else :)). I try to stay superstition free :))!

Jules said...

Great to catch up with your recent posts - always so interesting.

I have a number of Buddhas and they make me smile - this one is huge though!!!

evlahos said...

i didn't know about 14. i know about 13. and lot of people have the same filling about Tuesday and 13th