Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chinese Wedding Accessories

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These are so cute. I was helping my sister in law (hubby's side) to look for some wedding accessories for her son's coming wedding in December. The are so many shops in People's Park Complex selling all these chinese wedding accessories. The following photos were taken from two wedding shops facing each other.

I love the bed with all the cute accessories which featured the wedding bride and bridegroom in cartoon. Chinese love everything in red which symbolised good luck.

This shop is smart to bring in a bed as a promotion and they decorated just like a wedding bed.

Depending on what dialects you belong to, you need to buy different wedding accessories according to your dialects. Mostly cantonese have the most rules to The mirror is for the wedding day where the mother would comb the son/daughter's hair while the father will recites the three or four chants/blessings.
The four blessings are:
一梳梳到尾,(First combing, together all your lives) 二梳百年好合,(Second combing, harmony in your marriage) 三梳子孙满堂,(Third combing, blessed with many children and grandchildren) 四梳白发齐眉。(Fourth combing, blessed with longevity.)
Sweet pink rice ball soup汤圆 will be served after the hair combing ceremony to wish the couple a complete and sweet marriage.

Some interesting gifts that need to company the bridegroom to the bride's house. They are usually very auspicious food/fruits. The wedding candles are a must for both parties.

Now they come with these commercialised self adhesive chinese wordings which symbolised double happiness. I remembered I used to cut the words on red paper by myself for my The twin lamps are a must and must be switched on the whole day.

These tea sets are used for tea ceremony during the wedding. The bride and bridegrooms have to kneel before their parents and serve teas to them and relatives.
The rules and regulations are too long for me to You can find out more from wikipedia and here too.
(Sorry for some blurred photos, I took them with my handphone.)


the donG said...

thanks to this. im really not familiar with the chinese traditions on weddings.

Anonymous said...

very beautiful presentation

Lara said...

so interesting! thanks for bringing these to our knowledge!

Daniel J Santos said...

very interesting...

Kitem said...

So, I guess that with so many auspicious objects, things, fruits, combing, chanting, there is not such a word as divorce in Hokkien language! lol All mariages are lifelong blessing.