Sunday, September 28, 2008

Formula 1 winner

Took this photo from the television, the race was broadcast live on TV.

He is the winner of Formula 1 first night race right here in Singapore. Congratulations.

Spain's Fernando Alonso was first followed by Germany's Nico Rosberg in a Williams and Britain's world championship leader Lewis Hamilton who came in third.

And I thought I wont watch the race, it was quite exciting and dramatic especially when Ferrari's Massa who was leading the race at first but made a mistake at the pit stop dragging the fuel hose...omg...a dearly mistake and he came in 13th.


Jules said...

Hi Alice - i saw this on TV last night - it looked really exciting. Night racing takes on a whole new atmosphere doesn't it??

Lawstude said...

thanks for the info. i love cars. just can't afford more than one. lols.

Anonymous said...

One can really say Fernando Alonso got the win tumbling from the skies!

Great photos, specially the car down under.

Sorry for not being visiting as often as I wished.
for he moment by I'll have to pay a weekly visit.

alicesg said...

Thanks for the nice comments.

No problem pinto, I dont go round visiting often too.

I think I gonna fall in love with formula 1 I enjoyed watching the race. Singapore has the rights to host the race for four years so I guess there will be another race next year right here in Singapore. :)

Squirrel said...

I think my earlier comment was lost

Sounds like an exciting race--too bad about the Ferrari guy

J.C. said...

I was hoping to catch a scene of the race on TV but didn't. And I thought it's ok coz I could always check it out on your blog! Thanks Alice!