Saturday, September 20, 2008

Creepy Crawlies

It was just one of those days that the rain had forced some insects to run into my

A very common house beetle. It was actually quite small but I zoom to make it looked bigger and I cant made it turn around to smile at the It just flew away when I tried to take a photo of its front.

This house spider was crawling on my cupboard. It looked It was only after I loaded this photo into my computer, that I realise the spider had lost two legs (there are four legs on one side and two legs on the other side). Poor spider. Of course it jump quick and ran away from me.

A short video of spider who looked so I wondered what happened to its missing two legs.


Anonymous said...

very beautiful macros. well done again

the donG said...

the beetle indeed looks big in your shot.

Kitem said...

I am not scared of spiders, but when you're bitten by a spider even small, ouch! it is itchy for quite sometimes.

Daniel J Santos said...

well caught.

dennis said...

Dennis was amazed at the first shot and enjoyed the video. Dennis had nothing to do with the missing legs.

Dennis finds flies to be more savory than spiders.

alicesg said...

LOL Dennis

Anonymous said...

Maybe the spider just went for a fighting competition :P

Yup, Suntec/Marina area will be jammed packed with thousands of people :P

Pat said...

<< A very common house beetle. >>

The chestnut-brown beetle in your photo is not a house beetle -- unless you live in/on a lawn. :)

It's actually a turf beetle called Cyclocephala borealis (Northern Masked Beetle), whose caterpillar-like white larva live inside the soil & feed on grass roots. As such, the larva-grubs are regarded as turf pests. In temperate zones, they are active during summer, but in tropical areas, they can be seen the whole year round. The adult beetles commonly enter human residences at night, because they are attracted by the light.