Sunday, January 1, 2017

Safra Punggol and Punggol Waterway Singapore

Decided to visit Safra Punggol that was opened recently. Took the Light Rail Train from Punggol MRT Station. At the platform on the right from the escalator but look for the light to indicate "WEST" before boarding the train (cause there's a East and West line for the train) and alight at Sam Kee LRT Station.

Sam Kee LRT Station is only one station away from Punggol Station. Easily able to spot Safra from the train.

A short walk to Safra Building from Sam Kee LRT Station.

I fall in love with the place, near the building was the Punggol Waterway, nice cozy place to jog, stroll, cycle, etc

Bicycles are available for rental at Safra.

The splash pool was a favourite with the kids, need admission fee to enter. For the informaton on the admission fee, please visit thewebsite.

Lots of restaurants, fast food restaurants, available in the building and there is also a bowling centre on the top floor for lovers of bowling.

Video of Safra Punggol and Punggol Waterway

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