Friday, November 11, 2016

Prayers and food offerings on Mom's death anniversary

It's the time again for us to pray and make food offerings to our mom on her death anniversary.

The prayers was done in my brother's house. My brother being a toaist, firstly food offerings of whole cooked roast duck, roast pork, steamed chicken were offered to the God.

After the prayers, then the duck, pork, chicken were chopped into bite sizes and with other dishes, were being food offerings to pray to my mom and the ancestors.

Boxes of incense papers were prayed and later burned as offerings too.

After all that had been done, was our turn to eat the food hahaha. We still missed our mom but was a great day to be able to gather with my siblings and family members on this occasion.

Of course , we need these delicious nonya kueh from Galicier Pastry (Galicier Confectionery), Tiong Bahru for our tea break.


腾与玲 said...

Its so rare to see a taoist family in cyberspace these ways... Your mum would be very happy indeed to see everyone gathering at her anniversary.

alicesg said...

Yes, my mum will be very proud of us. Thank you for visiting my blog. :)