Monday, January 18, 2016

Chinese New Year 2016 - Chinatown Street Light Up - Nightly Stage Show (Getai)

Chinese New Year is just in few weeks times. Of course Chinatown is filled with lots of activities. Besides vendors selling goods related to Chinese New Year, there's nightly stage show (Getai) at Kreta Ayer Square right up to Chinese New Year's Eve.

I enjoyed the songs by the getai singers but sorry to say I dont know the names of most of the singers cause I am not a regular Getai audience. The only one I am familar must the Chen Jian Bin cause he is very popular both on Television and Getai performances.

Getai 1

Getai 2

Getai 3 (Chen Jian Bin)

Getai 4 (Chen Jian Bin)

Getai 5

Getai 6

Getai 7

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