Sunday, August 9, 2015

Happy 50th Birthday Singapore - SG50 (2015)

Happy 50th Birthday Singapore, in a few hours, the big party will be held at Padang, Cityhall. As this is the Jubilee Celebration we had extra holiday in addition to the national day (9th August 2015, falls on Sunday so public holiday replaced on Monday), the extra holiday was on 7th August 2015. So we made a visit to the padang on 7th August, before the actual party started today.

So happy to be able to stroll to the padang and met with these delightful lighted props to be used on national day. These props are very uniquely Singaporean.

Singa the Courtesy Lion , mascot for courtesy campaign.

Teamy Bee for the National Productivity Movement.

Water Wally for the Save Water Campaign

I think this is the national flower - Vanda Miss Joaquim

Blur like sotong - is Singlish (Singapore slang) - sotong means squid as squid squirts ink in water to make it blur but actually means clueless

Lah - another Singlish Slang - comes after each sentence eg. OK lah

Changi Airport Control Tower

Singapore Public Housing Flat (apartment) and it does not comes cheap even though it is public, at least 6 figures sum in Singapore Dollars

Singapore Signature Dish - Chilli Crab - invented by Singaporean Housewife (Read story from source


Ice Kachang - Local dessert- was originally ice ball but evolved to ice kachang. I remember during my primary school in the 60s it costs only 10 cents for ice ball and i share with my friend so we need foot only 5 cents each and the ice vendor will use a mini saw to saw the ice ball into half (inside the ice ball are some red beans ingredients. Fond memories :)

King of fruits - Durian

The beautiful stage for tonight celebration.

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