Monday, May 25, 2015

In Memoriam - Lee Kuan Yew Exhibition at Singapore National Museum

Was at the Singapore National Museum to view the exhibition of Memorial to Lee Kuan Yew.

This memorial exhibition will be on till end of June and after that the exhibits will be placed in another permanent place in the museum.

This Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watch 1953 was presented to Lee Kuan Yew by the Singapore Union of Postal and Telecommunictions Workers when he had successfully represented the union in an arbitration over a wage dispute. Eventually, nearly 1,000 clerks received 28 months' back pay.

Lee Kuan Yew sending a telegram back home to his family informing them he was arriving Singapore and the battleship was really meant to have steam boat (a kind of hot pot) dinner.

This glass master plate was used for printing leaflets for Lee Kuan Yew's campaign during the 1955 General Elections.

Poster of Singapore's First Legislative Assembly, 1955

Leaflets for Legislative Assembly By Elections

Rosewood Rostrum, 1970s used by Mr Lee Kuan Yew for delivering the National Day Rally Speech at the National Theatre.

This red box was used by Mr Lee Kuan Yew while he was in political office. It contained his work - papers, speech drafts, letters, readings,notes and cassette tapes with his recorded instructions. He used it everyday till the last time on 4th February 2015 the day before he was hospitalised.

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Alexander said...

That's a great coverage of the great man! :) How much does it cost to view these exhibits?

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