Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My World Tuesday - Murals in Underpass Tunnel

I was walking in the tunnel and was immediately attracted to the beautiful murals in the tunnel. As I google and found that is part of Singapore turning 50 next year celebration and to beautify most of the tunnels around Singapore. Think is a good idea otherwise is very boring to walk in a dull tunnel.

For more information about the murals you can view the website of Singapore River.com.

The theme of the murals tell the story of the birth of Singapore. From the time Sang Nila Utama witnessed a lion and named the island Singa, to the birth of a bustling trading port, to a celebration of lights, colours and the vibrant city that Singapore has evolved into today.

The drawing of the tiger I think is more likely the animal the prince saw cause wild tigers were more common in old Singapore rather than lions.

Will look out for more murals if I come across any tunnels lol.

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Photo Cache said...

the murals are lovely. i really like it when they put murals on underground tunnels or subway walls.

Karen Hayward-King said...

Awesome murals. Great way of showing the birth of Singapore...