Thursday, November 20, 2014

China Square Central/Chinatown Singapore

Found a nice place in Chinatown,most would only visit Smith Street and Pagoda Street in Chinatown. This is China Square Central, diagonally opposite Pagoda Street. I was there on one Saturday noon, am surprised to find it like a ghost town, so quiet and empty. It was only popular during weekday lunch time with the office people cause it was near the financial district.

It was a waste that this place was ignored. There's many nice restaurants, histories and the murals on the walls are cute and make good photography background. This place is also known as Samsui Village cause the Samsui women made their home in this area. You can read the history of them from infopedia.

Actually the quiet ambience made a good place to get together with friends and families at one of the many restaurants.

Lots of statues at China Square Centre telling the early history of Singapore.

I waste no time in taking photos of the many murals in this area.

As I walked along, I saw this little door leading to some place, I thought it was a temple but there's a hotel inside here.

Map of how to go to China Square Central, the nearest MRT Station must be Chinatown MRT Station and Telok Ayer MRT Station. Source of Map from the free Singapore Map found in most hotels, tourism board, airport, etc.


Oman said...

There is really something new and interesting to see everyday :) Awesome post Alice.

alicesg said...

Yes, you are right, there's a lot of hidden corners that I have not uncovered in Singapore despite being a Singaporean hahaha.