Monday, September 22, 2014

Changi Beach

Last weekend, spend a lazy day at Changi Point Beach.

There's a ferry terminal at Changi Point, where the boats will travel to Pulau Ubin (Singapore-dont need to have a passport to travel there) and to Pengerang, southern tip of Johor (Malaysia - need passport to travel there).

Wonder what these kids looking at, maybe some sea creatures.

Younger kids might like the playground at the beach.

Older folks prefer fishing.

I prefer to just laze around looking what's going around me, love the sea view, listening to the sounds of the waves and the occasional boats passing by.

Changi Beach is near Changi International Airport, that's explained the several planes flying nearby. I zoomed on the planes, could easily identify the name of the airlines.

Wild grasses


Thomas Lee said...

It had been a long time since i last visited your blog and looks like a nice quiet beach.

alicesg said...

Thomas, thanks for dropping by my blog. We dont have very nice beaches over here in Singapore. But is nice to spend the weekend at the beach.

randy said...

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