Sunday, March 2, 2014

Chinatown Food Street Singapore

The Chinatown Food Street is finally back in business and reopened on Saturday, Feb 22, 2014. Last Friday, my friend and I went there for some tea break after visiting the Singapore Food Trail and Singapore Flyer.

The 100-metre street, located at Smith Street, has undergone a $5 million facelift which includes a high-ceiling glass shelter and a built-in cooling system. Glad that there's a roof so that we can still dine there on a rainy day but seems like the rain is absent for so many weeks in Singapore. Hope the rain will visit us soon.

There are 24 street hawker shops, six shophouse restaurants and several street kiosks on the food street which will open from 11am to 11pm daily.

There'a statue of the Samsui Woman at the top of the road sign infront of the food street. Majority of the samsui woman lived in Chinatown during the early days. They were a great contribution to the building of Singapore. You can read the history of them from infopedia.

There's still some minor construction works going at the street.

The first stall we hit must be the drinks stall, we were so hot and thirsty after a whole morning outing lol. I did not even remember to take photo of the food we ate lol.

There were still many stalls but too tired to go round taking each stall.

You can view the map of Smith Street from here.

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