Friday, December 20, 2013

West Gate Shopping Mall Jurong East Singapore

This is the latest shopping mall to open in Jurong East. There's three new shopping malls near Jurong East MRT Stations that opened recently. JCube opened last year, JEM opened this year and Westgate just opened this year or rather half the mall is occupied. Most shops are still in the process of opening.

Love the family of panda statues infront of Westgate shopping mall.

Love the neat layout of shops inside Westgate. One can easily view most of the shops from each level. I hated malls with corners and pillars that blocked the view of most shops. One need to look at the mall directory to find out the shops available on each level.

From the ground level, I was attracted by the huge treehouse on the roof garden. I just need to make my way up to find out more.

Sculpture of a girl with dog on the ground level. What I love about this mall was that there's lots of seats around for shoppers with tired feet.

Another branch of french restaurant, Poulet - I have yet tried their food, will do one day.

Cafe crema, lovely sandwiches

Another branch of famous French boulangerie/patisserie, Paul Bakery.

This must be the favourite place for children, the playground on the roof garden with a big treehouse, even I was attracted to it.

Fourth branch of the famous Hong Kong Tim Ho Wan opened in Westgate. I have not tried their dim sum yet, the queue is really frightening, one need to queue more than 1 hour to dine there but I guess things will improve when they open more branches.


Alexander said...

There a lots of new shopping mall opening in Singapore. Nice coverage.

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alicesg said...

Hahaha way too many malls over here but more coming up in heartlands area so residents dont have to go to the city to shop.