Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hong Lim Park - Lanterns made from recycled materials

There was a mini exhibition at Hong Lim Park of lanterns made from recycled Materials.

This lantern that looked like a ferris wheel won the first prize.

Kids having fun carrying lanterns.

Very creative to use paper plates, plastic spoons, fork, etc to make the lanterns that looked like a phoenix.

Hahaha a durian lantern, the durian looked real.

Lion made from hundreds of straws.

Entrance of the park was decorated with beautiful lanterns based on the Journey of the West Story.

Surprised to see this park decorated so beautifully.


Indrani said...

Fun captures all. :)
Hope you are doing good!

Lara Neusiedler @ Uproad said...

such fun! beautiful kids with beautiful lights!