Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I am promoted to be Grand Aunt In Law

Yayyy, at last I am a Grand Aunt In Law, last week hubby's nephew's wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy by Caesarean. Mother and child are doing very well now. Nice to see a new generation born, hope to see more additions to the new generation. We may see a small baby boom during this year being the Dragon year, the most auspicious for birth in the Chinese Zodiac.

This is the KK Women's and Children's Hospital , formerly known as "Kandang Kerbau Hospital", is the largest hospital specialising in healthcare for women and children in Singapore. In 1966, the hospital entered the Guinness Book of Records for delivering the highest number of newborns within a single maternity facility for that year, and it continued to hold on to this record for a full decade, delivering 85% of the population. Fifty two years ago, I was born in Kandang Berbau Hospital too but not in this new, clean looking building, the old hospital was located on the site opposite this new hospital. Back then we were the baby boomers, too many babies and not enough hospital beds.

Singapore, just like many countries is facing a low birth rate problem. To encourage parenthood, the government gives out baby bonuses of up to S$4,000 ($3,200) for each of the first two children, rising to S$6,000 for the third and fourth. It also matches deposits made into a Child Development Account. Mother has a four month maternity leave and there's talk about having paternity leave for the father too to encourage more to have babies. What policies do your country implement to encourage or discourage citizens to have more babies?

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LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I do not think any country in Europe has such bonuses.