Monday, February 6, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012 - Last Day of Chinese New Year

Times passes fast, today is the last day of the Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year last for 15 days.

Today being the 15th day of the Chinese New Year is also known as the chinese version of Valentine's Day. During the ancient time, ladies would dressed in their finest and visit temples and pray to find a good husband. Many activities were organised on this day.

One such activity involved the ladies throwing oranges into the river and if someone picks up the orange means the girl who threw the orange would be able to find a good husband.

Saw this beautiful dragon in Resort World Sentosa. Very smart to use lanterns to form the body of the dragon.

This being the year of the dragon, we will see baby bloom in many chinese cities, as dragon was the most like animals in the chinese zodiac. The dragon is the only one in the twelve zodiac signs that is not a real animal but it is not important as dragons are associated with emperors, and those born in the Year of Dragon are believed to be idealists, perfectionists, they are born thinking they are perfect and they are inflexible.

But Dragons are not well suited to growing old. The prospect of losing power, the helpless feeling of youthful strength ebbing away is unbearable to them. See more information from source.

To me I prefer to let nature takes its place. Children born in the year of dragon will have problem enrolling to their preferred school as dragon students exceed the number of places in popular schools.

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