Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My World Tuesday - Christmas 2011 - Christmas Lights along Orchard Road

Did not have nice photos of the christmas lightings due to the raining weather almost everyday in Singapore. I managed to take few shots of the christmas lightings along Orchard Road.

I love the giant snow globe infront of Orchard Ion but the raining weather make photography difficult cause of the raindrops and misty look on the globe. Worst was the barricade surrounding the snow globe, I guess the barricade was to protect the snow globe.

Did you spot the cute little boy in the above photo?

Despite the rain, Orchard Road was filled with many people.

Beautiful christmas lightings along Orchard Road.

Oh I love this the best among all the christmas decorations along Orchard Road. The horse carousel infront of Orchard Paragon. Yes, it actually does go round and round. I got it on video.

Short video of the horse carousel infront of Orchard Paragon.

Short video of christmas lightings along Orchard Road

Rain Rain go away, come back another day.....

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LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Despite the rain it still looks very pretty.