Sunday, June 26, 2011

Peranakan Museum - Artefacts 1

There are three levels in the museum.

Jewellery belonging to a peranakan lady on loan to the museum.

Wedding headdress and jewellery wore by the bride.

Wedding baskets and trays used during a wedding.

Glided Pagoda Trays - these pagoda trays are used to transport jewellery during a wedding. It is not common cause they normally used by wealthy families.

Bakul Siah are wedding baskets used mainly by the wealthy family to deliver wedding gifts from the bridegroom to the bride. Gifts can be silk, beadwork, jewellery and fruits. My mom had one of this basket but is of cheaper quality. It is still in my brother's home and is very old.


Ann said...

my friend is a nyonya and confesses she can't make the nyonya chang.

dong ho said...

amazing artifacts. you can imagine how they made it during the olden times.