Sunday, October 31, 2010

Universal Studio Singapore - Madagascar

This is the set of Madagascar in the theme park. You will feel like dancing in here cause the music is so much fun.

The set in here is so colourful. You can have your photos taken with your own camera or by the professional photographer. It cost S$12 for the photo to be taken by the professional photographer. The photo looked so good and well taken by the professional photographer that I bought it although I thought it was quite expensive.

Everyone love taking photos with the characters of Madagascar.

They are so cute and hugggable.

A short video of King Julien's Beach Party Go Round

There's a little restaurant in here where they sold mostly thai food and some asian favourites.
There is a river boat ride at Madagascar but it is not open yet.


dong ho said...

thats cute. seeing those characters walking will make children happy.

XUE said...

Always love river boat rides so that would have been fun!