Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas at Changi Airport

Finally I am back to Singapore from Cambodia. Will try to load some photos in my travel blog, once I sorted them out.

It is christmas at Changi Airport. Took these photos at Terminal 2 of Changi Airport.

I am trying to have more rest from a tired but happy trip and then I will be having a christmas break at some chalets in a corner of Singapore in two weeks time... :)


Anonymous said...

well come back. take your time

Anya said...

Hi welcome back and with lovely shots from the airport :-)
BIG Xmas balls .....
Take your time Alice !!

Lara said...

welcome back! looking forward to see your great photos again!

Photo Cache said...

We missed you. I can't wait to see the pix.

Ann said...

you lost some weight in Cambodia.

My friends even Ang Mo ones say," I is good and safe to come home" when the land at changi airport.

Alexander said...

Nice balls. It make the airport really pretty. Welcome back. I miss home!

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