Thursday, January 29, 2009

Singapore River Hongbao 2009 - Twelve Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese Zodiac is a 12-year cycle. Each year of the 12-year cycle is named after one of the original 12 animals. Each animal has a different personality and different characteristics. The animal is believed to be the main factor in each person's life that gives them their traits, success and happiness in their lifetime.

According to one legend, the Jade Emperor invited all the animals in creation to a race, only twelve showed up: the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig, and according to their places in the race, the Jade Emperor had given them each a number starting with the Rat who was the winner of the race.

Many legends arose from the Race of the Chinese Zodiacs. One told of the reason why cats and rats shall always be enemies: He and the cat (at the time good friends) were poor swimmers, so they asked the ox if they could stay on top of his head to cross the river. Along the way he pushed the cat off the ox's back. And the cat, incapable of swimming, lagged behind. The rat stayed on top of the ox's head until the ox was almost at the finish line. And as the ox was about to cross it, the rat jumped from the ox's head and became first place. And the cat and rat have been enemies ever since.

Another legend tells that the cat had asked the rat to wake him up the day of the Race. The rat agreed, but on the said day, he did not wake the cat in his greed to win. When the cat finally woke up and got to the racing ground, he found the race to be over. The cat then swore revenge upon the rat. (Source: Wikipedia)

Welcoming year of the Ox

Tiger Zodiac - not a favourite zodiac with the chinese as tiger is seem as being very fierce.

Cute Rabbit

Dragon - a favourite with many chinese and that is why there is always a baby boom during the year of the dragon. This is not good cause getting a place in the school can be a problem when the baby grows up as there are too many vying for a place in a popular school.








Saying goodbye to the year of the rat - see you in twelve years time.


the donG said...

fantastic display of lights! new year is really a big thing there.

Lara said...

beautiful zodiac signs! and thank you so much for explaining!

LadyFi said...

I love all the different characters. Thanks for sharing.

alicesg said...

Dong, yes because about 76% are chinese over here. You can see the latest population statistics dated July 2009.

Lara and LadyFi, glad you both enjoyed them. :)

Sidney said...

Wow...beautiful... is this glass or plastic... very colorful.
Interesting info !

alicesg said...

Hi Sidney, It is made of colourful paper and lighted by a bulb inside. Thanks for visiting. said...

Wow..these are beautiful and they are made with paper? Amazing..I think I am the monkey. It's interesting reading about this.. Michelle

Ferreira-Pinto said...

Now this must have been worth seeing!
Loved the Dragon ... it's my sign.

Marc said...

What a wonderful and interesting series. I enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading the info.

Squirrel said...

nice series, The way they're illuminated is so nice, I'm trying to catch up on blog visiting, I've been distracted lately.