Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ION Orchard

This is ION Orchard, the latest new mall that opened recently in Singapore. ION Orchard comes from the phrase "I on orchard". Orchard is the name of the road - Orchard Road. Orchard Road used to be a Orchard that grows fruits, that's how the name of Orchard Road comes about.

ION Orchard is a mall that sells mainly branded goods but there's still hope for budget shopping. From B1 to B4 (i.e. the basement), there are shops that are affordable for the average shoppers. But from the ground floor up to the upper floors, are all shops that sell branded goods.

In a supermarket in one of the upper floors, I saw half a water melon selling for about $25 (faints*) and a rock melon for $29. OMG, it costs only a few dollars for these melons in the markets and local supermarkets. It looked the same to me, wondered if the melons are tastier.

I like this photo very much, this is the entrance to the Orchard MRT Station. Looked at the beautiful architectural designs of ION Orchard. I like the way the glass reflected all the images.

The entrance of the MRT Station looked like people going into a spaceship.

These red long benches are so cute and striking but not many are sitting during the daytime cause it is quite hot. I think it would be occupied during the night. I cannot imagine how beautiful this place would be during christmas time.

A short video of ION Orchard. Looked at the sculpture on the right, it is a fruit sculpture.

This video is nice. I like the reflection on the moving vehicles on the glass panels.

There are more new places of attractions coming up in Singapore in the next couple of years.

Singapore is going to be like a wonderland for people having fun and leisure and eat and shop.

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Photo Cache said...

The entrance is very lovely. It would be very difficult to stop shooting if I were there.

SandyCarlson said...

What a beautiful place, Alice.

Indrani said...

Such expensive melons!
The mall looks great!

Unknown said...

Wow !!! interesting place,beautiful:)Thanks for the tour.

Anya said...

Its a wonderful place,
so modern all, I love the glass panels they are amazing :)))

Jim Klenke said...

I guess they have to charge so much so they can pay for the mall. Its nice looking, but not sure I could afford to buy anything.

Arija said...

I would be totally put off the taste of the melons at those inflated prices. I suppose they have to cover the rent in such an exreavagant building somehow.
Beautiful photos and a very well presented post.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Alice: It is so beautiful.
I'm afraid the price reflects the place not the taste of the fruit. Stick with the local markets.

CC said...

Oooooo, what a gorgeous place. We could eat and shop..and then shop and eat through this mall and others we find. Many hugs from Texas..

Unknown said...

ya, now that you mention it, wonder how this place will be transformed in December!

have you been shopping inside? hehe...

alicesg said...

Keropok, I could only afford to shop in the basement...hahaha. Yes, I looking forward to christmas at ION, after all dont think I want to travel this year because of the H1N1, so I will travel within Singapore..lol