Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Orchard Central Shopping Mall - Rock Climbing

Besides finding art sculptures in Orchard Central Mall, there's a rock climbing wall right inside the shopping mall. It is very interesting. One need to pay to climb the rock and many procedures are required to ensure the safety of the climber.

On the left is an eager climber, whereas on the right is the instructor.


Unknown said...

Hi Alice, rock climbing is not for me.....unless I lose at least 10kgs, otherwise, I may climb a few steps up and may have problem coming that will be very scary...for all :P

escape said...

one of my favorite activity. i also do it with the ones in the malls.

so fun! did you try it?

Jim Klenke said...

I would give it a try, at least while others are shopping.

Anya said...

I have climbing a wall with my husband and girls in March 2009 !!
Also with a instructeur he did learn it me !!
It is not easy but I DID IT :))))))
But in our country its not by a shopping centre ;)
A sportive shopping centre :))
Very modern all.... great shots :)

alicesg said...

This rock climbing wall is the first to be found in the mall. We do have other rock climbing wall but not in malls, they are located in clubs, fitness centre and sports centre.

I used to climb trees, hills and even fences when I was young even in my teens...hehehe but not anymore. For my age, it is too risky for my health, cause I had hurt my back before.

Unknown said...

Haven't tried but wouldn't mind a beginners climb. Think I'll be alright . If not, I'll just yell, if that's allowed!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Looks interesting! do you know how much per person for the climbing? do we have to book first before going? Thanks!