Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My World Tuesday - Marina Bay Sand Rain Oculus

This art installation is located where Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands' retail mall and the Waterfront Promenade meet.

Ned Kahn’s Rain Oculus is a 22-meter diameter acrylic bowl set on a 90-ton steel structure. It releases a swirling vortex of water from a hole in its base to the canal that runs two stories below.

The rain oculus started from the upper level which collect rain water and at certain times of the day, the rain water will flow through the centre hole and flow into the lower level into the small canal and the water was also been recycled for other uses.

The water will swirl round the bowl and flow down like a waterfall, very interesting to view. The boatman will row the boat around the area to the delight its passengers.

Visitors to Marina Bay Sands also uses the huge bowl like a wishing well and tossing coins into it. The target was getting the coin into the hole.

A short video of the water being released from the bowl into the canal.

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