Monday, August 13, 2018

The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) - The RSAF's Aerial Display at RSAF50@Marina Barrage

Over the weekend, The Republic of Singapore Air Force celebrated its 50th anniversary by holding a massive aerial display at Marina Barrage. A very huge crowd was expected and so best to take the bus to Marina Barrage. As anticipated, the car park were full and traffic jam along the way to Marina Barrage as many wanted to view the aerial display.

We took the bus no. 400 from Shenton Way Bus Terminal.Was my first time at this bus terminal.

There were so many people at the Marina Barrage and the weather was extremely hot. I would like to come again to Marina Barrage but will come at night where the weather is cooler.

Think the aerial display was more than 30 minutes, I did not video all the display, view the video at the bottom of this post. Hubby and me enjoyed the display very much, very impressive.

A heart shaped performed by the fighter planes.

Video of the aerial display, I grew too tired to video all hahaha.