Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Helix - Art Gallery

The Helix Bridge also double as an art gallery for children's paintings.

Saw these arts done by primary school children. They are beautiful.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My World Tuesday - The Helix Bridge

Last week, I introduced the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort. You can see the hotel in the background. From where I am standing, it is the entrance of The Helix Bridge which you can see on the left of the photo. The bridge connected directly to the resort.

This is the world first double helix curved bridge. It is about 280 metre long and the whole bridge looked like a DNA double helix. The steel tubes form the minor and major helix that spiral in opposite directions. At night the bridge will be illuminated and will be very beautiful. I will come another day during the night and take more photos.

The bridge is not fully covered. So you need an umbrella if it rains. But the walk across the bridge takes only about 10 minutes. But most take longer as they try to admire the bridge and the surrounding scenery.

At the side of the bridge are several such balcony.

Lots of steel were used to make this bridge.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Skywatch Friday - Marina Bay Sands Hotels

Marina Bay Sands was officially opened two days ago.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel - it comprises of three 55 storey towers. The three towers are connected by a roof which is known as the Skypark. The Skypark has a 360 degrees view of Singapore. It must be very beautiful. Visitors can view Singapore from the skypark and it is free for hotel guests while others have to pay $20 to visit the skypark.

I am not sure if I want to pay $20 to view from the top. I can just go to any highrise buildings to view Singapore free of But I might change my mind...hahaha.

I am very impressed by the whole building. The roof looked like a space ship or boat.

The hotel and The Shoppes (which I had posted earlier) are connected via a bridge.

On the official opening, 21 climbers from different countries were invited to climb up the three towers. The winner of the climbing competition is from Singapore. Yayyyyyy. You can view more news and photos from the MBS official website.

Love the reflection of the clouds on the window panels of the hotel.

How to go to Marina Bay Sands:

By Taxi
By Bus - 97, 97e, 106, 133, 502 or 518.
By MRT - nearest MRT Station - Circle Line Promenade Station Exit A (ten minutes walk from MRT Station to Helix Bridge connecting to Marina Bay Sands.

Below information from MBS website (Please check again from the website to reconfirm the latest upate)

Overseas guests arriving at Changi Airport can get onboard the Marina Bay Sands Airport Shuttle Bus that operates 24 hours a day. Marina Bay Sands has invested in a fleet of 15 new coaches to provide the dedicated airport shuttle service, offering over 40 trips per day. The service, which runs at 10-minute intervals during peak hours, is complimentary for guests who stay at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Malaysian guests can also hop on dedicated cross border coaches from across the Causeway to reach Marina Bay Sands. A number of coach companies, including the nation’s top five operators Super Nice Express, Compass Coaches, Luxury Tours and Travel, Gunung Raya, and First Coach, will provide Malaysians with an affordable, yet luxurious travel experience from 11 cities across the country. Over 130 trips are offered daily, with additional trips during festive seasons.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Marina Bay Sands - Casino

Inside at a corner of the The Shoppes of Marina Bay Sands is the Casino.

The casino is very popular with many. Foreigners can go in free of charge to gamble while Singaporeans need to pay a levy of $100 to enter (valid for 24 hours) or $2000 for annual entry levy. Those under 21 are not allowed to enter.

Security is tight and anxious at the entrance of the Casino. If any Singaporeans managed to sneak in without paying the levy, the casino has to pay a fine.

I did not pay $100 just to enter and have a look and neither did I wanted to gamble. Even when I was overseas, I dont have any interest to gamble. The most I did was to donate money at the jackpot slot

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

MarinaBaySands - The Shoppes Part 2

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is so huge and not all the shops are open, I was so tired just walking around the place.

The signboard tells you all, there's the celebrity restaurants, Expo and Convention Centre, Casino, Hotel, etc.

There are two basements of shopping, I think. A lot of places boarded up so I cant really
There are shops that sold branded goods but there are just as many shops that are affordable to the average shoppers. So if you are around Marina, do pop over here to do some shopping or window shopping. It is a nice place just to shop or have meals/coffee with your friends.

The food court at the basement, very small and not enough seats. I think when completed, there's a bigger food court. It will be silly if there's no bigger food court in this big complex cause not everyone wanted to eat in restaurants.

This is a small stream in The Shoppes. There will be boats for those who loves to take a ride in it. I guess you got to pay for it. It is not completed yet.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My World Tuesday - Marinabaysands - The Shoppes (Part 1)

Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort that comprises of hotels, expo and convention centre, casino, celebrity chef restaurants, eating outlets, shopping centre, museums, etc. It is developed by Las Vegas Sands. Marina Bay Sands is the world's second-costliest casino.

Las Vegas Sands named the project as one of the world's most challenging construction projects and certainly the most expensive stand-alone integrated resort property ever built.

For more information on MarinaBaySands, you can view from wikipedia.

This is the inside of The Shoppes of MarinaBaySands. Look how huge it is. I am so impressed.

Wait till you see the hotels of MarinaBaySands (photos of Hotel - coming soon in this blog).

Many of the shops are still not open and under going renovation.
The roof of The Shoppes is really huge and it is energy saving in that sunlight can come into the shopping area and lights are not really needed during the day.

Looked at the circled area in red. There are some construction workers walking on the roof top still doing some renovation works.

A short video showing The Shoppes

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Monday, June 21, 2010

What's behind the poster?

Continued from yesterday's post about what's behind the poster. The below photo is part of the poster where I peek through the window. This is what's behind the poster. The final part of the bridge where I am standing.

The bridge where I am standing is very impressive and very very expensive. I will post about the bridge in future post cause I wanted to tell you where the bridge leads to.

The above photo with the window is the same window that's in the poster in the below photo.

The bridge leads to The Shoppes at Marina Bay. The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, boasting over 800,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, is Singapore's first large-scale luxury shopping destination. It is part of the MarinaBaySands which comprises of the shopping centre, casino and hotel.

You can find more information from their official website. You can see from their website how big the shoppe is. I will post about the Shoppe in tomorrow's post with photos.

The Shoppes is not fully completed but they will be completed very soon. But the internal of the Shoppes is already open for business.
More photos of The Shoppes coming in tomorrow's post.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

What are they peeking at?

What are these people peeking? Actually these people are not real people. From far, I thought I saw people peeking into the windows but when approaching the huge poster, these people are part of the poster's drawings.
Something big and expensive is behind the poster. That's why I was so tired (mentioned in yesterday's post), after walking around the area.

You got to return to find out more about it as I try to sort out the photos in order.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Preparing for National Day 2010 - NDP Rehearsal on 19th June 2010

I saw these soldiers preparing to close part of the road in preparing for the NDP 2010 rehearsal for tonight.

Soldiers getting ready to fire these canons when the President arrived. For this rehearsal, the president wont be coming, someone will pretend to be the president.

Contingents/Performers marching to get ready for the show.

A short video showing part of the road closed for the rehearsal.
I did not stay to watch cause I was very tired. I just came from another venue, will tell you more about where I went in later posts with new photos.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Skywatch Friday - View from the plane

I took these photos last month when I took a plane to Vietnam. The plane just left Singapore and I spotted something from the window. It's a cloud formation that looked like an elephant or dinosaur.

Close up view of the cloud formation. I wonder if you see what I see.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Flood in Orchard Road

You will know the effect of the heavy rain that I posted in my previous post when you watch this video. I got the above video from You Tube.

Who would believe Orchard Road in Singapore is flooded? Actually it happened before in 1978, and I was caught in that heavy flood back then.

Many young Singaporeans have not seen flood before, because Singapore is so well organised and efficient that flood is unusual in here especially Orchard Road. So today's flood really make many young Singaporeans

But with so many constructions going around in Singapore (I mentioned in my earlier post), not surprising some parts of drains and canals might be choked and water cant flow. I hope the authority will make sure it wont happen again.

Flood was so common during my childhood and I ever went to school in knee deep flood.

Raining stop me from going out.

Oh no, the rain is pouring. It stops me from going out to get more photos for my blog. I am running out of photos to

A short video of the rain.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My World Tuesday - Old Buildings

Singapore is known as a clean and green city. But we still have certain corners of the streets that looked so dirty.

Some of these shophouses are empty and no they are not abandoned. I guess some new tenants are moving in soon, as I saw some renovation works at the front of the shophouses. Each shophouses are worth more than a million dollars.

Wonder why the landlord did not take good care of their backlane.

When I was young, I used to be fascinated by the spiral staircases.
Just opposite from those dirty shophouses are also some shophouses cum staying quarters. They are much cleaner and well maintained.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Suntec City - Fountain of Wealth

This is the biggest fountain in the world and it is located in Suntec City.
During certain times of the day, we can get to go in and walked round the smaller fountain in the centre. We should walked round three times in clockwise direction and touching the water for luck.

The fountain of wealth is a symbol of wealth and life.

A short video showing the fountain.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

PC Show at Suntec City

The PC show is in its 20th year of holding the exhibition. Every year, it did not fail to attract buyers to their show. Almost every year, we bought something from PC Show. Last year, we got a laptop for eldest son.

I just came back from the PC show, almost bought the desktop computer for myself but because the price agreed earlier to me was withdrawn, just because I went one floor down to compare prices The $50 discount is gone cause they have a window period. So I was so fed up and decided to go back tomorrow (being the last day of the show). It is not because of the $50 but it was because the sales guy did not mention about the window period that I was so fed up. I am very stubborn too and refuses to give in. I rather get a more expensive PC than give in to a lousy sales guy...tsk tsk.

Normally, the prices will slashed down further on the last day of the show. Hopefully, I get my PC...hahaha.

Products being sold at a good price at certain time of the day.

Kids crazy over a mascot.
Oh I did not go home empty handed, managed to get an external memory that my son needed.