Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hands Up

Hahaha.....just having fun with taking photos of hands after looking at one of Michelle's post on hands. No prize for guessing which hands belong to

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Go Green Campaign

There's a Go Green Campaign at Compass Point. They are trying to encourage people to go green and teaching them 10 ways how to save the Planet.
I think I did most of the 9 ways but not the no. 10 way. The last way was to ask us buy recycled products. Those recycled products dont come cheap either. I saw them at a department store and they cost a lot.

There is this cute model city made entirely of recycled products such as milk carton, old carpets, mats, table tennis ball, etc

Even the roof of the buildings are made of eggs cartons.

It looked so lovely and cute.

A short video of the model city and the little train (LRT) that can actually move.

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Monday, April 27, 2009


This is the book that I borrowed from the community library from Compass Point Shopping Mall last week.
It refreshed my memory of knitting.

The last time I knitted was when I was thirteen and in Secondary One during my home economics class.

Wow am glad that I managed to remember how to knit with the help of the book.

I hated the colour of this wool but I found it in my The wool was a leftover from my son's project. I think I will have to add some colourful beads at the end of the shawl when I finished. Actually, I am not sure what I am going to knit this into...hahaha

My good friend, CC from Texas will be very proud of me with my knitting. She is always there encouraging me to try out knitting or crocheting. Thank you CC. :)
When I am successful with this knitting project, I will buy more wools that are not yellow in colour...hehehe.....wish me luck.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Community Library in Shopping Mall-Compass Point

Going to the malls does not meant we are shopping. We can choose to visit the cinemas, bowling, karaoke or even to the library located inside the malls.

Can you spot the library on the highest floor (circled).

This is the Sengkang Community Library. It is like a branch of the main library. We have a few main libraries scattered around the island. Too bad I cant take any photos inside the library and it is sound proof inside the library. This is one of my spot when I want a quiet moment. :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pink Saturday-Bazaar

My Pink contribution today will be this bazaar in Chinatown, Singapore.

Lots of artificial flowers on sale at this stall. Spotted any pink flowers?

The couple on the right are my pink subjects in this photo. Also in my photo is the guy wearing orange tee shirt holding a camera. He is so funny. I was actually not taking photo of him but the background behind him. Did not realise that he too find me Take a look at the next photo to see what I meant.

He decided to take my photo too cause he thought I was snapping a photo of I did not realised till I looked at my computer and see this funny photo. He looked like a tourist to me. If I knew, I would pose or make funny face for him...hehehehe.

Inside the bazzar are rows of stalls selling all different kinds of things. From clothings to food and it was hot inside cause it is not air conditioned. Best to visit a bazaar must be the night time.

This is one of the few stalls that I like to stop and take a look and I bought some threads and buttons.

They also sell all the daily necessities that one needed. It is so useful to have these stalls at the bazaar.

On the extreme left of this photo are scratchers where you could scratch your back if your hands cant reach the itchy part. On the extreme right of the photo are canes. These canes are not for walking but for whacking....hehehe.
This is a very sensitive topic. I guess most my age (49years) in Asia might probably have caned by our parents. I remembered being caned once only by my mom because I had a fight with my
There's a saying Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child. Many might see this as abuse but some might called it discipline. But there are some who abuse the cane and beaten their kids real bad. As for me, I cane my sons when they fight in school. Most of the time, the cane was hanging by the cupboard to remind them to
Using the cane need special You must know the rules, no caning on other parts of the body except the butt and no marks must be left on them otherwise it will be abuse. But kids are very smart nowadays, they hid the canes from their parents. But not everyone over here use the canes.
For illegals coming to Singapore, beware you not only will be jailed but caned with two strokes. Please come here legally.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Skywatch Friday-Huge Lantern

This is an old photo taken during Chinese New Year earlier this year. It is a giant lantern and it can revolved. I think it looked so pretty. The lantern was located on the roof top of Vivo City (a huge shopping mall near Harbour Front MRT Station.

This is one of my favourite mall but been a long time since I visited there.

A short video showing the lantern revolving.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cobbler in Chinatown

These cobblers are going to be dying trade. They have been mending shoes for a long time and I dont think any youngsters would like to squat in public to mend shoes in the hot sun. The newer shoes repair shops are found in air conditioned shopping malls.

Of course these cobblers charge so much cheaper than those in air conditioned malls. To replace the rubber of heels cost about $2 - $3 while in the malls would cost so much more.

The cobbler would offer the customer a seat while he mend the shoes. If you are not in urgent need of the shoes, you can put the shoes with the cobbler and collect another day.

I used to have my shoes repaired by them but I dont anymore cause I dont ruin my shoes anymore in During my teens, disco is the "in thing" and we used to dance every weekend and our poor shoes cant take My disco friends and I have very good memory of the good moments we had back then but now we are all mothers of grown up kids. :) It is our kids turn to go dancing.

These cobblers can be found in Chinatown near People's Park Complex.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My World Tuesday-Grand Shanghai Restaurant

What do you do during your weekend? Last weekend, we decided to go for dinner at a nice restaurant where there's a live band. The food was very good and the ambience was lovely but the lightings were too dim for my poor Luckily, my youngest son was with hubby and me and he help us to look at the menu in the dim lights and ordered food. Too bad my eldest son is in camp and not able to join us.

The live band played very beautiful music and the singer sang mostly old mandarin songs. Hubby and me love the songs cause were our favourite and son find it very interesting. First time for him to listen to a mandarin live band, he usually listen to english live band in pubs.

The restaurant is suitable for big gatherings for family and friends but not suitable if you like some quiet dining. The atmosphere is quite noisy.
Two short videos of the live band and the singer singing oldies. (ie. many old mandarin songs and only one english song.)

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pink Saturday-Orchids in Singapore Botanic Garden

My contribution for pink saturday must be these beautiful orchids. I saw them in th Orchids Garden in our Singapore Botanic Gardens.
I think these orchids belong to the Laeliocattleya

Here's a short video of some of my favourite orchids. There are more photos of more orchids but these are just some of my best. I use microsoft movie maker to make this short slide of my orchids and included a favourite song of mine. It is "Times of Your Life" by Paul Anka.
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Friday, April 17, 2009

Skywatch Friday-Condominium above Jurong Point Shopping Mall

This will be my final post in Jurong Point Mall. Looking up in the roof, I can see the perfect shot for my skywatch photo. I think it is great they allowed natural light in from the glass roof to brighten the mall, they can save much on electricity. Great way to go green.

New condominium above the mall still under construction. Nowadays, condominium are so small and expensive.

Oh I love window displays.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dian Xiao Er Restaurant in Jurong Point

This is the entrance of the Dian Xiao Er Restaurant in Jurong Point.

Hubby and me decided to lunch here after finding the food court, that I mentioned in earlier post, so crowded. I prefer the food court where I can ordered different dishes from different restaurants. But I am too hungry to wait for empty table at the food court, so here I am at Dian Xiao Er. No regrets... cause the food is good too and the ambience is lovely.

The decorations in this restaurant are so beautiful but the lightings are too dim for our .

The tables settings looked so cute. They are like individual stalls.

The restaurant looked so empty, I bet most went to the food court with more choices.

Oh I love these murals, they are so beautiful.

I wish I could draw and paint. :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jurong Point Shopping Mall

This is the new extension of Jurong Point Shopping Mall. It is very spacious and airy.

The very short escalators connecting the old and new malls of Jurong Point.

Ah, I like this shop. It sells all different types of remote controllers, ie. for fans, air conditioners, TV, etc. I spotted the remote controller for my air conditioner and the next time if I need to replace my spoilt remote controller, I can get them from here.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My World Tuesday-Jurong Point Shopping Mall-Eat and Shop and Shop and Eat

Here I go again, a shopping trip. :) This time it is to the very west side of Singapore. Yes, it is Jurong and this is Jurong Point Shopping Mall. Singapore is a shopping and food paradise. So this mall has lots of eateries for all different types of food. I think there are more food outlets than

The escalator leading to the food court that has many little restaurants in it. You can sit at the main table and ordered different dishes from the restaurants. Example you can just order one dish from restaurant A and another dish from restaurant B. You can then try different dishes from different restaurants. But the crowd is there and I am so hungry to wait for an empty table so I ended up at Dian Xiao Er Restaurant that is not in the food court.

This is the new extension of the old Jurong Point Shopping Mall.
At the basement, there are rows and rows of tables and chairs that belongs to different restaurants. At the basement are mostly fast food restaurants, like MacDonald, New York New York, Long John Silvers, etc.

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