Monday, December 31, 2007


This is my cousin's dog. Do not be fooled by its size. Though small, this dog eats a lot. We had a nice BBQ celebration on christmas eve and even this doggy enjoyed too.

Here wishing everyone a Happy New Year and may 2008 bring good health, good luck and happiness.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Maxwell Food Centre

A typical hawker centre or food centre where many locals and tourists who patronise for their meals.

Maxwell Food Centre is located near Maxwell Road; near Tanjong Pagar Road. It has a long history and it was formerly a wet market during the 1950s for the residents in chinatown. It was then converted to a hawker centre to house hawkers. For more info:click here

I like to eat at this food centre when I am in the chinatown area. There are many nice stalls that sell my favourite food and at a very reasonable price.

The difference between a hawker centre and a food court is that most hawker centre are non air conditioned but with huge fans while food court are found mostly in shopping malls and are air conditioned. But most good food are found in hawker centre and they are reasonably priced.

Maxwell Food CentreAlong Maxwell RoadHow to Get ThereBy MRT : Tanjong Pagar (EW15) and Chinatown (NE4)By Bus : 2, 12, 61, 80, 143, 145, 166, 197, 608, 851, 961

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Swarovski Crystals Christmas Tree

A special Christmas tree decorated with thousands of Swarovski crystal ornaments in Vivo City.

Closer look at the crystals.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Vivo City Post Christmas Sales and Cute Christmas Decorations

And I thought I am over with posting of christmas decorations for my But as I was shopping at Vivo City for post christmas sales, I came across these cute christmas decorations and they are too cute not to be posted in my blog. But at the same time, I am having a great time shopping at the one year old Vivo City Shopping Mall (one of the biggest mall in Singapore) with sales like 30% to 50%, everyone are having a great time shopping.

This year the theme for christmas decorations at Vivo City are reindeers, christmas trees, angels and snowman.
In the background, you can see many shops having post christmas sales.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Canon Ball Trees

I am glad it did not rain on christmas eve. We enjoyed our BBQ that day. Well, we went to the beach for a stroll before the BBQ started and I saw this strange looking tree. Their fruits looked like coconuts but they are not. These are very tall trees and known as Canon Ball Trees or Lecythidaceae .

The flowers have a wonderful smell and can be used to scent perfumes and cosmetics

The fruits are edible and are occasionally eaten, but the smell of the white flesh discourages most people from trying them. The hard shells of the fruit are sometimes used as containers

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Crowd

It is the day after christmas. Did you all start opening your presents? I did and like them all. Well, for those complaining about your christmas gifts, please think about the people who had to brave through the christmas crowd and then having to rack their brains to pick the idea gift for you.

Crowds along Orchard Road.
Basement of Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Colourful Whirl Of Christmas

This should be my last posting on christmas decorations for 2007 in Singapore. This colourful Carousel Horse decoration is at Chinatown Point in Singapore. It reminds me of my childhood where I would like to ride on those horses.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Trees 2007

I had plan to post all about christmas trees on christmas eve and what a co-incidence that Ro of Romania has one such posting too. This is nice.

So which christmas tree do you like?

White Christmas Tree on the ground floor of Wisma Atria Shopping Mall
A huge green beautifully decorated christmas tree in front of Paragon, Orchard Road.

A purple one in Isetan Department Store in Wisma Atria. (This is my favourite, never see a purple christmas tree before and by the way, purple is one of my favourite colour.)

A blue christmas tree in front of Plaza Singapura, Orchard Road. (My husband do not like this

A huge beautiful christmas tree in front of Plaza Singapura. (This is my husband's favourite christmas tree.)

A night christmas tree near the fountain of wealth, Suntec City.

A beautiful tall christmas tree in Causeway Point Shopping Mall, Woodlands.

Christmas Tree at Food Republic, Suntec City

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Orchard Road Christmas Decorations 2007

This year, the theme is “A Fairytale Christmas.”

This is inspired by a fairytale romance of Prince Noel, the toy soldier and our beautiful Princess Ballerina.

There will be a grand celebration arch right at the junction of Scotts Road and Orchard Road. This is essentially the majestic palace of Prince Noel and from the towers, this is where he will catch sight of the beautiful Princess Ballerina.

In two beautiful set-pieces that we have, one is of a glittering carousel where the Princess Ballerina dances all day to music from an enchanted harp, which is just across the road at Shaw Centre. (Sorry did not capture the harp)

The story goes that Prince Noel falls in love with her instantly and decides to ask her to marry him on Christmas Eve. And on Christmas Eve, he tries to visit her to ask for her hand in marriage but is heartbroken to find her missing. And so advised by the enchanted singing harp, he follows the snowflakes trail, which is part of the d├ęcor on the Christmas light-up.
So he embarks on an adventure to search for her and midway he chances upon a crystal ball which shows her dancing away in a distant land.

And after a long walk, he actually stops at a Crystal Forest, which is at the junction of Heeren, and this is where there are four ice towers, where in one he actually sees a reflection of her.

And on one of the other towers there is this beautiful Crystal Fairy,
which will give Prince Noel a hand with her magical chariot led by a flock of swans to aid him in his quest.

And finally Prince Noel finds the Princess Ballerina at Marina Bay, where there is another beautiful arch set in poinsettia floral balls highlighted with red and gold jewels. (sorry , no photo at marina, will try to get one)
Road leading to Marina, beautifully decorated.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Annual Boys' Brigade Sharity Gift Box.

Keropok has a similar photo that he posted earlier, so I shall cut short the introduction of Boys' Brigade Sharity Box.

Those living in Singapore, please remember to drop a gift as you do your last minute Christmas Shopping, it will bring joy to the unfortunate.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Decorations 2007 at Plaza Singapura

At last, I managed to squeeze my tiny self to crowded Orchard Road to take photo of christmas decorations. Over the next few days, I would post some christmas decorations along Orchard Road. Hope to post all before christmas day.

This year the christmas decorations at Plaza Singapura comes with a christmas story. There is also an interactive Nativity Village at Plaza Singapura.

A very beautiful decorated christmas tree in front of Plaza Singapura.

Inspired by Jing from Shanghai photo of reflection shot of christmas decorations. Here is mine but it is not very well taken.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jinrickshaw Station

The Jinrickshaw Station , built in 1903, used to be served as the registration centre for rickshaws. Jinricksha is small two-wheeled carriage pulled by men and used for transportation

Its rounded facade which follows the curve of the junction gives it a unique appearance. A domed lantern set atop the 2-storeyed building gives it a measure of dignity. Giving it a unique look were its exposed brickworks which today is painted over. (Source:
This is a very nice old building even the mega-star Jackie Chan like it so much. He actually paid $11 m for it. Click here for source
Photo taken during the day.
Photo taken at night

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bollywood in town

Bollywood in town filming in Suntec City at the fountain of Wealth. As they are filming, I cannot use my flash but I think the 1st photo look good making the cameraman and crews looked as if they are shadow playing.

Oh, did I mention that I sometimes watch bollywood film too. I find some of them very interesting, although I do not understand their language, I watch it with the english subtitles.