Friday, March 18, 2011

Skywatch Friday - Nex

One of my favourite place is to head to the library. Serangoon Library on the top of the roof top of Nex Shopping Mall is the latest library to be open. It was open last week. The library is rather small but the books there are all very new.

I did not stay long in the library cause it was so noisy with so many children because of the school holiday. The children section and the adult section in the library are very close to each other.

I prefer other libraries where the children section are separated from the adult section where one can read in silence.

But the serangoon library is very convenient cause is on the rooftop of the mall and also above the MRT Station. So if you just want to borrow your books you can head here but if you want some silence reading, do it after the school holidays.

Also above the roof top of the NEX mall is a children playground with waterpool and fountain. Great place for the kids to play. But the playground will be closed if it rain heavily.

I think this is the first mall with play area for dogs. This the dog park on the rooftop of NEX mall. Dogs are not allowed in shopping mall in Singapore unless the dog are those who aid the blind. Owners have to use separate lift to access the rooftop with their dogs. There's a restaurant for pets too on the rooftop.
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Friday, March 11, 2011

Skywatch Friday - Wedding

Not much sky in here for skywatch but recently, I attending a wedding. It was very beautiful. They had an outdoor wedding ceremony first followed by dinner at a very posh and beautiful hotel.

Front rows are for the parents and close relatives.

I love the way they fold the napkins.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Singapore Mandai Zoo - Flowers

Flower of the ginger. Sometimes the petals are used for cooking for flavour.

Beautiful orchids after the rain.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Singapore Mandai Zoo - Flowers

I have a hard time posting these photos, need to do homework to find out the names of the Mable's blog help me a lot in identifying some of the flowers.

Canna flower


Heliconia (Bird of Paradise)

Not sure what flower is the above. It looked so cute and pretty. Will try to find out the name of the flower.

Powder puff flowers
Anthurium Flower

Thunbergia ( I think this is the name of the flower)

Clerodendrum paniculatum (pagoda flower) - hahaha got the name of the flower from Mable's Blog.

Alpinia purpurata

Hope I did not get the names of the flowers wrong.

Mable, if you are reading this post, thank you for your blog, I now treated your blog as my flower guide book. :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Singapore Mandai Zoo - Rafflesia

Going through my files in my computer, I realised I still have some photos from my visit to Singapore Zoo that I have not posted in my blog.

We were visiting the "Fragile Forest" in Singapore Mandai Zoo and we came across this huge flower called the Rafflesia. I am not sure if it is real or fake. But am very sure it is not a sculpture. We dare not touch the flower cause it could be the real flower. Even my son could not tell the I wonder anyone could give me the answer if the Rafflesia in the Zoo is real or fake. Would be nice if it is real. You can view my previous post on the fragile forest.

You can read more about Rafflesia from Wikipedia
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Skywatch Friday

Taking the monorail is one of the way to get to Sentosa from mainland Singapore beside driving, taking the public bus, cable car or just walked over.

From the monorail station, I could view another new attraction coming soon to Sentosa. I think the youngsters would love it. The new attraction is skydiving. No way I am going to attempt

From the beach station of the monorail, one can take the beach tram and visit the beaches or you can just simply walk over to the beach from the station.

View of the sea from the platform of the monorail station where I was standing.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My World Tuesday - The Thinker

Saw this sculpture known as The Thinker at the Resort World Sentosa. I was wondering why is he always deep in So lately, are you thinking a lot? I am thinking about my trip. :)

I like the side view of the sculpture. The guy in the background must be thinking

Back view of the sculpture.

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