Friday, October 21, 2022

Fullerton Hotel Floral Decoration for Deepavali

Was at the Fullerton Hotel for a buffet lunch, spotted this beautiful floral decoration at the hotel in time for Deepavali next week. At first sight, I though the floral was surrounded by little lamp oil but was actually LED light.

After lunch, walked around Singapore River, it was so beautiful especially after the rain.

 Realise time passes so fast, these 3 years, did not do any travelling and my passport expiring soon. Hopefully, I can resume travelling next year. 

At the time of writting, I am still covid free but most of my family members had covid but mild symptoms and recover well and fast.

Now there urge for us to vaccinate the new bivalent vaccine. I am so scare of vaccination, already vaccinated 3 doses and my last booster was so painful and was sick for 2 days. 

Hope the covid virus will disappear soon.