Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Japanese Toys

Took these photos during the September School Holiday. They are promoting these japanese toys at a mall. My youngest son love all these self assembled toys.

This is a huge and tall toy but too bad I did not take a good photo of it.

So did you see any favourites?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My World Tuesday - Food - Fond Memories

For my world today, I am going to show you food which is part of our Singapore culture, after all we are a food paradise.

This photo was taken off the poster of the restaurant at Turnhouse Road. I remember when I was very young, my parents would bring my siblings and myself to punggol end and have seafood at Ponggol Choon Seng Restaurant. I remembered tucking into the chilli crabs and having a great time there. Those were the days and we dont even mind that the restaurant was not air conditioned nor sitting by the roadside back then.

Even when travelling along the dusty road towards the restaurant, we had to pass by several pig farms and tolerate those awful smell but now we dont even have a single pig farm on Singapore.
Inside the restaurant, it is very cosy and nice. As the restaurant is tucked in a corner of Changi, it is very quiet unlike some other restaurants.

One of the dish that we love is the crispy duck which we wrapped with popiah skin. For more photos of the food we had that day, you can view food blog.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

F1 Result

Yipeee.........Lewis Hamilton won the F1 race in Singapore. I just jumped from the TV to the

Photo taken from television.


A short video showing these huge japanese carps swimming so beautifully.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Attitude of Gratitude Award

This is the Attitude of Gratitude Award given to me by my very good friend from Texas. She is none other than the sweet and friendly CC of Lacenribbonroses.

I am thankful to be always on CC's list of awards. I am so proud to call CC my best friend. I wish I could sit by her side and let her teach me how to sew those quilts and the pretty Sue sunbonnets. She is always there for me during my ups and downs by giving me a listening ear.

So CC, this award is also for you, my good friend. :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Skywatch Friday - Integrated Resort

There are so many cranes in Marina. This is where the integrated resort will be in Marina.

Finally we get to see the almost completed towers of the integrated resort.

There are three towers altogether and they would be linked on the roof top by a beautiful garden with water features.

The integrated resort in Marina will be a world class luxury resort featuring state-of-the art convention and exhibition and of course comes with a casino. To prevent locals from gambling so easily, an entrance fee of about $100 will be imposed and family members can ban their loved ones from gambling. I dont look forward to the casino but rather the chance for photography of the beautiful constructed resort and enjoy fine dining in the beautiful hotels. :) You can read more about the resort in their official website.

A short video showing the numerous cranes.
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A wedding

Attended my cousin's wedding in a very nice hotel. The ambience is good and the hotel is very beautiful.

The interior of the ballroom is very beautiful and well decorated.

Beautiful flora decorated the centre of the table and they dont put the dish in the centre of the table, they serve the food for you.

The food are separated to individual plates for the diners. But for chinese wedding dinner, we being the traditional type, prefer to help ourselves to the main dishes served right in the centre of the table. The fun and mood will be there then.

A short video of the first dish being presented out.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Plaza Singapura - F1

The F1 fever is here again. It is interesting to see the F1 roadshow at Plaza Singapura. There's a racing car that comes with a virtual screen infront of it.

This man seems so engrossed in the game as if he is really in a F1 race.
And these men seem so engrossed with these These girls are part of the SingTel Grid Girls. The Sing Tel Grid Girls will be escorting the F1 racers out to the racing track. To find out more about the F1 race on 27th September in Singapore, you can view the official website.

I think i like this remote control racing car better. :)

A short video of the going ons at the F1 road show.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Skywatch Friday - Crane

Today's post for skywatch is this beautiful sky with the crane as a subject. Can you spot the tiny moon there?

It soon turn dark so fast. The lights on the crane came alive too.

I played around with my camera and shake the camera while taking the following shots of the crane. The lights on the crane looked like

Does this looked like some kind of fireworks? It is actually the lights on the crane.

Dancing lights

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back Alley 2 - Shophouses

Continued from yesterday's post.

This is the same alley as yesterday. Some of these shophouses are not restored and renovated yet and some are vacant.

The shophouse must be vacant long ago, even the creepers had climbed up to the upper floor.

Now I wondered if this plant has been grown by a The birds must have carry the seeds and drop into the cracks of the wall.

A very old and vacant shophouses waiting to be restored.

The alley is so narrow that I could not capture the three floors of this shophouse in my camera's screen. The highest addition of a small room reminded me of my late maternal grandparent's home. My grandparents used to stay in such a shophouse but bigger and they had an extra room added to their roof. We used to go up the extra room and climb out to the roof. My uncle is braver and he would walked on top of the roof and climb to the neighbour's shophouse to play with his

A contractor doing some renovation and restoration works to another shophouse. It looked so dangerous, I think he should wear a safety belt and a helmet. As these shophouses are protected and preserved, even the windows had to be changed to look like the original architectural designs of the old shophouse.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My World Tuesday - Back and Small Alley 1 - Graffiti

This is a back and small alley near Beach Road. Hubby and me decided to venture into this narrow alley to see what lies inside it.

The double yellow lines on both sides indicated no parking on both sides of the alley.

Most of the buildings are very old in here, long before I was born (could be as old as 100 years old). Most of them are vacant and undergoing conservation and redecoration.

It is interesting to see the colourful and creative graffiti works on the side of the buildings.

More artworks on the shophouses that were occupied right inside the alley.
The scaffoldings around are indication of the building that's still doing some redecoration and renovation.

Tomorrow I will show the original and unpainted and undecorated side of the shophouses before conservation. It is very interesting.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Skywatch Friday-Parkview Square

Parkview Square is one of the more expensive office buildings in Singapore. Besides commercial office space, Parkview Square also houses the embassies of Austria, Mongolia and the United Arab Emirates. You can read more about this building from source.

The building looked so impressive. On zooming the top of the building, you can see four giant statues holding a ball each. This is the best my camera can zoom....sigh. I think I need to get a better camera that can zoom more than 10 times

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shops along Arab Street

This is Arab Street which was named after a rich Arab Merchant who used to own a big land in here or it was a site of an Arab village/kampong during the earlier times.

This street is very colourful and interesting. There are many shops that not only sell clothes but also beads, costume jewelleries, baskets, etc. I sometimes come here to purchase beads for my beads jewellery crafts.

You can read more about Arab Street from Wikipedia.

This passage between the shop front and the road is known as a five foot way. Five foot? It means that the passage is about five foot wide but sometimes they are less than five feet.

You can read more about the five foot way from wikipedia.

Shopkeepers would always display their goods along the five foot way to attract customers.

I spotted some belly dancing costumes. Belly dancing is now very popular in Singapore among all the races. It is a great way to slim down too. But no, I dont do any belly

These are Ali Baba's Pants. Wondered why they are called Ali Baba's pants? Perhaps it was named after Ali Baba.