Friday, August 29, 2014


It is nice to take a slow walk in Chinatown especially walking towards Outram MRT Station. I seldom walk along this stretch of chinatown. Spotted Poon Yue Association, this is the association where my late in laws were members of.

The Poon Yue Association, which the Chinese philanthropist Hoo Ah Kay, more popularly known as Whampoa helped to form in 1879. The association started a school and provided accomodation for people from Poon Yue district of Guangdong.

Kwong Chow Wui Koon, one of the many Cantonese clan associations set up in the early 1920s. it was well-known for its music and opera show.

Sri Layan Sithi Vinayagar Temple is located in center of China Town at the junction of Keong Saik Road and Kreta Ayer Road. This temple that was built in 1925, has a very long history. You can read more about the history of the temple from its official website.

So many pigeons in the corner park near the temple, spotted a lone white pigeon among them.

Did not know there's so many restaurants in these rows of shophouses. Will try to visit another time and walk further in this stretch of the roads.

Outram MRT Station (NEL Line)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Chinatown - Mid Autumn Festival Decorations 2014

Mid Autum Festival Decorations in Chinatown during the day. I prefer to view them at night cause the wires/cables holding the decorations looked ugly during the day, at night only the lighted flowers could be seen.

Browsing and shopping in Chinatown during this festival is really fun. Love viewing the beautiful lanterns.

Those in plastic are usually lighted with a bulb and batteries while those see through (made of cellophane paper) are lighted by candles and of course they are easily burned if not handled carefully.

Backpacks comes in shapes of animal heads, so cute.

Luggages with millions characters, they seem popular.

Fridge magnet in shapes of fruits, oh i love the rambutan magnets.

Candy popular in china also can be seen in chinatown.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Chinatown Mid Autumn Festival Street Light Up for 2014

Last night, we went to Chinatown to watch the street light up for this year mid autumn festival.

The road were closed for the night event. The decorations and lights will be from Aug 24 until Sep 28

Everyone were so excited once the VIPs switched on the lights for the decorations.

Visitors to Chinatown will be able to see streets in full bloom, lit by 3,100 flower-shaped lanterns for the first time.

Some short videos on the event for the day.

Countdown to switching on the street light for Chinatown Mooncake Festival 2014

Dragon Dance on the stage and road - sorry for the shaky video cause I was too far from the stage, trying to zoom on the dragons.

Dragon Dance and fireworks

Got to use my handphone to continue the video of fireworks cause memory card full in my digital camera.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Singapore Sports Hub - Outside of the Hub

There's a volley ball facilities near the hub and it comes with sands. Thought the teenagers looked like playing volleyball at the beach.

Kids having fun at the water fountain facing the river.

The office building facing the hub are those in the business district. Love the beautiful scenery although it was a bit cloudy cause it was going to rain. So thankful the haze did not return this year and hopefully not for the rest of the year. Last year the haze was so bad because of the forest fire in Indonesia.

Water Sports Courses available at the sports hub, more information from the official website.

It was so serene and peaceful near the river that eagle too loves visiting the sports hub hahaha. The eagle was flying above me, was actually flying quite low but I was not fast enough to take the eagle in flight at low level.

Familar landscape of the Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands. The top portion of the Marina Bay Sands really looked like a ship.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Singapore Sports Hub - Swimming Pool, Library and Playground

There's also an Aquatic Centre at the Singapore Sports Hub. Aquatic Center is ideal for both community use and elite athlete trainings. As a 3,000 seat world class training facility, it is the perfect location to host a variety of community, regional and international competitions.

The Splash-N-Surf is a facility where people of all ages will be able to enjoy a variety of recreational water activities. It was not opened yet. You can find more information from the website.

Focusing on sports and active recreation, the library will be opened to the general public to encourage the general population to embrace sports as a healthy lifestyle.

Other facilities available in the library will include video viewing stations, virtual sports stations, giant chess and checkers, internet stations, meeting rooms, and kids zone.