Friday, August 22, 2014

Singapore Sports Hub - Outside of the Hub

There's a volley ball facilities near the hub and it comes with sands. Thought the teenagers looked like playing volleyball at the beach.

Kids having fun at the water fountain facing the river.

The office building facing the hub are those in the business district. Love the beautiful scenery although it was a bit cloudy cause it was going to rain. So thankful the haze did not return this year and hopefully not for the rest of the year. Last year the haze was so bad because of the forest fire in Indonesia.

Water Sports Courses available at the sports hub, more information from the official website.

It was so serene and peaceful near the river that eagle too loves visiting the sports hub hahaha. The eagle was flying above me, was actually flying quite low but I was not fast enough to take the eagle in flight at low level.

Familar landscape of the Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands. The top portion of the Marina Bay Sands really looked like a ship.