Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My World Tuesday-Istana Park Part 1

This is a very small park but of great importance. It is Istana Park. You can read more about it in the below photo. The world Istana is actually a malay word meaning palace. But the Istana in Singapore is infact the official residence of our President where he receives and entertain guests. So this little park is just opposite the Istana.

The centrepiece of the park must be this Festival Arch which is 26 metres tall. You can read more about the Istana Park in here.

At the Istana Park, there's a coffee house here and when night comes there will be more customers.

Visit tomorrow to see the beautiful flowers I saw in the park.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Candle in the Dark

It was earth hour yesterday. We were supposed to switch off all lights between 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm. to support earth hour.

Ok, I was excited and lighted a candle and listening to my portable radio. Able to do this cause both sons went out otherwise they would be using the computer, etc.

5 minutes passed then 10 minutes and 25 minutes, Ok I am getting bored by now. Cant do anything in the dark and too early to go to bed. So 30 minutes passed and the clock said it is nine pm, my favourite TV programme is on.

So I blow off the candle and watch my TV without switching the lights. So does it count? I guess I am only 50% into the earth hour...lol. I have to be honest. :)

Yikes, I now know I cant be left alone in the dark without a good plan...lol. Bravo to those who are 100% supportive of earth hour.

Just a short video to show the burning candle. I am surprised that the candle looked good in the recycled cover. It was an old cover of a broken container. The light reflected by the candleflame through the cover looked like a beautiful pattern.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

CREATE! DON'T STEAL! A campaign for protecting our rights

Laras Welt initiates a campaign today! CREATE! DON'T STEAL!
If you support the campaign to protect your works and not let anyone use them without permission, please visit Lara of uproad blogspot to get the original banner.

You can see her other post on Protest against theft.

Pink Saturday-Shopping Bags

My contribution for pink saturday are these shopping bags. I was clearing and packing my already untidy storeroom. Saw these shopping bags tucked in a corner. I know I am suppose to recycle them but some of them are so beautiful. So they ended up sitting in a corner of my storeroom.

The problems about the shopowners in here and from my overseas trips were that they wanted customers to carry their bags so as to advertise for them....lol.

I am good yesterday when I went shopping with my friend, declined the bags and put my purchases in my huge handbag. :) Today being Saturday is Earth Hour. Do join the earth hour by switching your lights off for an hour from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm in your own country time. You can visit earthhour website.

These are shopping bags from my shopping spree here and overseas collected for many years. They are too pretty to be recycled or destroyed. The best is not to ask for shopping bags.

Here are some pretty ones, the most useful bags must be those brown paper bags which are earth friendly.

I like this pretty bag very much, was a bag given when I bought the mooncakes, it was about two years ago.

Cute picture

From Shanghai Olympic Shopping

Mad about shopping bags.
This post is to make all of us aware of the sick earth. I am not 100% perfect but I will try my very best to be conscious of the environment.
Things that I already done
Recycled empty jars, gave my old newspaper to the rag and bone man or the community club for recycling, ask for less shopping bags during my shopping spree, switch off all electrical appliances when not in use.
For more pinky participants, please visit Beverly of How Sweet The Sound.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Skywatch Friday - Kelong

Today my skywatch photos are about kelongs. Kelong actually is a Malay word to describe a structure with wood in waters. These kelongs are used for fishing and also serve as dwellings for the fishermen and their families. You can read more about them from Wikipedia.

The above is not really a real kelong. It is just part of the boardwalk found in Changi for leisure. It is not used for fishing but just as a decoration piece. Today there are only a handful of real fishing kelongs left in Singapore. You can read my previous posting on the boardwalk in here.

These structures are found in Sentosa. They are built to resemble Kelongs. At night there were be performance in here. There will be laser lights and fire coming out of these "kelongs". I did not watch the performance now that there are limited tickets (they used to have a venue near the Sentosa Merlion Park). The old venue was demolised to make way for the Integrated Resort and I think the above kelong will be temporary. You can see how the kelong looked at night from photos found in the internet.

Closer look at the "kelongs".

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Window Display

I always love to look at the window display. The window display at Robinson in Centrepoint Shopping Centre always make me take a double look. The mannequins are not dressed in any fancy clothes this time, they are promoting the lots of super discounts in their windows display this time round. I love shopping at Robinson.

Another window display at Wisma Atria Shopping Mall - I love the clothes in here. They are beautiful and they are not very expensive. I would love to buy the centrepiece but I dont have a sexy figure to wear it...lol.

Best time to shop at Guess must be during their promotion period.

I cant remember which shopping mall this window display was at.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yet to be completed shopping malls coming soon

Today I will featured yet to be completed shopping malls that will be opened this year. More shopping choices for us but with the recession and bad economy, I wondered if business will be good. Competition must be very tough for the many shopping malls in Orchard Road. There are just too many. But it will be good for me....lol...I like to shop or window shop in different malls and looking out for good dining places and good deals.

This is ION Orchard which is opposite CK Tang. It is a high-rise residential condominium cum shopping mall. It is expected to be completed end of this year. You can read more about it in here.

This mall is so big and the escalator is facing the main road. Glad they kept the trees otherwise it looked like a concrete jungle. It is an offence to cut down trees in here, you need permit to cut down trees. You can read more about the mall in here.

Another yet to be completed shopping mall called Lluma Shopping Centre opposite Bugis Junction.

The star and hexagon shaped structures will be lighted when completed. This shopping centre will looked very lovely at night.

With so many shopping malls, we are spoilt with choices...lol. But I hope they dont sell the same stuff in the malls. We can always see the same brand of shops in almost every shopping mall. I am not a shopalcoholic. During good times, I shop less cause things are too expensive and not worth to buy but during the bad times, the many discounts and good deals allowed me to buy the things that I have been eyeing for a long time.....yayyyyy....lol.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Times are Bad

Look at the long queues of taxi waiting for passengers in front of Centrepoint, Orchard Road. It used to be long queues of shoppers waiting for taxi and this is on a Saturday afternoon.

Geez, times are really bad. We should come out and shop and make the economy better but of course we must not overspend our budget.

I know I am shopping this week with my childhood friend, there's a lot of good promotions and discounts on the things that we needed. I need to get some new clothes on good discounts to replace some old clothes hanging in my wardrobe for a long time...lol, and a nice evening dress for another nephew getting married this year. :)
Tomorrow post will be shopping malls opening soon.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Who is your favourite?

Yesterday, I was shopping in Orchard Road. Then in front of Heeren Shopping Mall, I saw this guy promoting for holiday in Queensland, Australia. So I quickly take my camera and snap him cause he was acting funny earlier on to attract people to his booth but when he saw me snapping he just waves..lol. Thanks for posing. :)

Another guy not shy of my camera is this sumo wrestler.
This is his brother and they both are promoting for a Japanese Restaurant in the basement of Heeren Shopping Mall.

Now guess who is this guy, he is famous all over the world....hehehe

Who do you like? My favourite must be the sumo brothers. :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009


My contribution for Pink Saturday are coasters. These coasters in the shape of Japanese Kimono are so cute. I kept them in safe place and never use them....lol. They are too pretty to be use.

I love the little flowers and prints on them.

These glass coasters are not pink in colour but as I am on the subject of coasters, I thought I put them here too. They are wedding gifts when I attended a wedding.
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Friday, March 20, 2009

Lemonade Award

Today I received an award from a very friendly blogger who never fails to visit me and her nice comments everytime make me smile. She is so sweet to translate her blog into english for the english visitors to her blog. Her name is Anya and this is her blog.

Here is the text of the award:
The Lemonade Award is given to sites which the giver show either great attitude and or gratitude.The rules for these awards are:
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate 10 other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

I am just happy to have bloggers visit my blog and appreciated very much their nice comments. I cant make up my mind who to give. So anyone who loves this award, please grab it from here. :)

Skywatch Friday-Housing in Tiong Bahru

My skywatch will be these housing in Tiong Bahru. Built in the 1930s, Tiong Bahru Estate is one of the oldest housing estates in Singapore. Almost everyone in Singapore knew that Tiong Bahru is famous for their buildings and of course their food (especially chwee kuay) at Tiong Bahru Hawker Centre. I will go there another time to take photo of the hawker centre.

These flats featured rounded balconies, flat rooftops and the famous spiral staircases.

These flats are protected under Tiong Bahru Heritage Buildings. They cannot be demolished without the government's permission. You can read more on these flats from

These newer taller buildings are private condominiums.

It is directly opposite the MRT Station of Tiong Bahru. The place where I am standing is Tiong Bahru Shopping Mall.

This condominium is so tall that I have to squat down and bend my head real low to try to take the whole building...lol. I still did not capture the lower few floors. I think this condominium is at least more than forty stories high.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Egg with embryo

Do you look at your egg before you send them to the frying pan? This is what I saw in my egg. There's an embryo so big that you can see its eyes. Poor chick did not get to fertilise. So is this the result of miscarriage?

You can see another photo on double yolk egg in my previous post.

Monday, March 16, 2009

My World Tuesday-Sri Marriamman Temple

Slippers, sandals, shoes, socks over here and over there......... No...... these footwears are not dump here nor are they on sale...lol.

Visitors to the temple need to remove their footwear before entering the temple.

You can view another post on this temple in my previous post.

This is the Sri Marriamman Temple in Chinatown. This temple is very old dated back 1827. Photographers always love to take photo of these figurines on top of the entrance of the temple. I like to be a bit different so I took some photos of the side of the building of the temple. It is very interesting.

From the side gate, you could see the large compound in the temple.
Beside the side gate, is this beautiful balcony. I never knew it existed here...lol. Glad that I took a walk at the side of the temple.

The balcony is so beautiful with all these lovely designs.

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P.S. I hope the rain will stop....... been raining since last week. I am going to run out of photos to post...lol. I need to get out and get more fresh photos. :)