Friday, February 27, 2009

Skywatch Friday-Star

Wow I managed to take a photo of a star. This star was so bright and big and using my inexpensive camera and zooming on it, I was surprised that the camera could take shot of the star.

This video was taken two days ago. You could see a quick flash of the lightning and the sound of thunder roaring so fiercely. It was raining so heavy. I was afraid to continue taking video cause it is not safe to be standing near the window. No chance of taking photos of lightning.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Emergency HandBook and Multi purposes tool

This is the emergency handbook that every household in Singapore had. I hope they dont throw this book away.

An example of what you can put in your emergency bag.

Some extras you might want to consider putting in too.

Guess what is this!

Without looking at the second photo, can you already guess what this is?

I have fun and laughter reading the previous post on what some wanted to include in their emergency bags. I guess we wanted some luxuries too during an emergency. :)

Alice-two small pillows
Pinto-coffeepot and two pillows
Micelle-something to be able to cook
Kitem-a bottle of whiskey
Dong -umbrella
My Friend-laptop
Another Friend-her bolster

What about the rest of you? Do you want some luxuries in your emergency bag? This is just for fun only.

This is a multi purposes tool which looked like this after opening up all the gadgets. It acted as a scissors, opening, small knife file, etc

Ok, this going into my emergency bag too. :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mesh Tin

We were told to have a ready bag or emergency bag in case of a disaster. What is a ready bag?

READY Bag contains a collection of essential items (eg. torchlight, radio, medicine, etc) that will help you in an emergency.

The READY Bag will not help a person to survive every emergency or calamity. But the READY Bag contains items which could be handy in an emergency. (Sources from SCDF ).

I think I will include a mesh tin into my emergency bag. :) This is a lesson learn from my mom when she grab a cooking pot during WW2 while everyone grab sacks of rice but no cooking pot. (As mentioned in my earlier post.)

The mesh tin will be useful if one needs to boil water, cook some rice or heat up some food in an emergency.

Do you have an emergency bag? What do you include in it?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My World Tuesday-Changi Chapel

The Changi Chapel has a very long history. It used to be in Changi Prison but has now relocated to the present location (Upper Changi Road North) and it has a musuem beside it.

It was a source of comfort and focal point of social activities for Allied prisoners-of-war in Changi during the Second World War. Today the changi chapel is a point of pilgrimage for veterans and families of ex-POWs.

To read more about it, you can view the source from Infopedia.

I took these pictures from outside the musuem. Too bad, I could not take photos inside the musuem but you can view it at the official website of the changi museum.

This is a notice board where remembrance notes were pinned there. It is quite sad to read some of the notes.

I am thankful for these brave soldiers who fought for us and help protect Singapore during WW2.

These cranes were folded by visitors to the chapel. You can read the above photo on the origins of the cranes.

On a funnier note, my late mom told me during the Japanese Occupation when the siren sounded, my late grandmother told everyone to grab their stuff and run out of the house. My mom was about 12 or 14 years old back then and she was so happy and put on some face powder as she thought they were going on an outing. It was when grandma scolded her that she realised it was "run for your life situation".

They hid in trenches, covered with some banana leaves, built around the villages in Geylang and my youngest aunt who was a baby then, almost died of suffocation, because grandma covered her mouth to prevent her from crying so that the low flying Japanese plane would not be able to know their whereabouts.

After the planes left and it was safe to come out of the trenches. They could not go back to their homes incase the planes come back for them again. So they have to sleep in the outdoors. My mom was clever enough to grab a cooking pot before she run out of the house while most people (including my grandma) grabbed a sack of rice but they do not have a pot to cook. So everyone had to queue to borrow the "precious" cooking pot from mom. There are more horror stories of the war that mom told us. It would take me a long time to type them here.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sentosa Flower Show (Finale)-Flowers

My contribution for pink saturday is this pink lily. I love the pretty pink flower.
These roses are so beautiful too. Never knew roses can come in orange

Oooo, my favourite colour is purple. These morning glories are in my favourite colour. :)

They are so huge.

There are so many different colours of morning glory.

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Friday, February 20, 2009


This photo of the moon was taken some months back.

Dont mistaken about the below photo, is not the moon versus the sun. :) The orangy glow was from the street light. It was really very dark over there cause it was close to midnight and there weren't many people and vehicles around.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Busy As A Bee

I am so busy lately (no idea, am just like the bee.
I saw the busy bees in the flower show. I remembered what Tom of Wiggers World told me once that not to be afraid of the bees stung. The bees are busy flying from one flower to another. So this time I managed to take a few photos of the Thanks Tom.

I love the background of yellow flowers with the bees as the main subject. Geez, I am improving on my photography skills...hehehe.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My World - Sentosa Flower Show (Part 9-Merlion)

Continuing from yesterday's post on Sentosa Flower Show, I am almost done with the final part of the series of photos. Hope you are all not bored by

Today post is the famous icon of Singapore, the Merlion. As mentioned very often, there are four merlions in Singapore. One is this 37 metres tall Merlion in Sentosa, two at the Merlion Park fronting the Singapore River and a small one at the top of Mount Faber.

You can view my other posts on the Merlion.

These swans were made with flowers, they were also part of the flower show.

A short and interesting video of the Merlion.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Sentosa Flower Show (Part 8-Imbiah)

Continuing from yesterday's post on the flower show, this is another landscape with flowers around. This is with an American Indian Theme.

Can you find me or my Sues hiding inside the tee pee? (hehehe)

I know my best friend CC, in Texas would love this.

Hope CC received the smoke signal that Sunbonnet Sue send to her.

P.S. CC, Sue send her regards to you and she is very well behaved. :) Can you find her and her cousins hiding in the tee pees?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sentosa Flower Show 2009 - Part 7 - Impiah

Continuing from yesterday's post, this is another landscape at the flower show in Sentosa. It feature a rainbow. They are all made from flowers.

Yipeee.......I found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...:)

So the next time you see a rainbow, do remember to find you pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
More photos coming in next post.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sentosa - Flower Show 2009(Part 6) at Imbiah-Pink Saturday - Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all.

This is part of the Sentosa Flower Show 2009. But this is not at the palawan beach, it is on higher grounds near the famous Merlion icon of Singapore. Will talk more about the merlion in another post. There are altogether four merlion icons in Singapore. Two at Merlion park , one is at Sentosa and the last one at Mount Faber. You can view them in my posts in here.

This is so cute, a valentine heart shaped flower arrangement for Valentine's Day. Trying to take photo of this cute couple proved difficult. There are so many people queueing to take photo of this couple. The cushions infront of them are for people to sit and pose with them. I have to be quick with my fingers and take this photo once the people left the

The Ox family at the flower show. Do you know the meaning of Ox? It is funny why it is known as The Year of the Ox and not the Year of the Bull or the Year of the Cow.
I just found out that Ox meant a castrated So is the above Mr. Ox stopping at two? I thought we are supposed to encourage the young to have more children in a low birth rate country.

This will be my contribution for Pink Saturday.

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Please return to see more beautiful photos of the flower show and the 37ft merlion in my next few posts.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Skywatch-Sentosa Flower Show at Palawan Beach Part 5

Still at Sentosa, I saw these huge flower wind mills at the beach. I enjoyed my little trip to Sentosa, been a long time since I visited this little island off the south west of Singapore.

There are more attractions in Sentosa besides beaches. Universal Studio will be completed by next year and there will be a casino here. I will be looking forward to the theme park but not the casino (cause I never won anything in Good thing there's a cap of an entrace fee of $100 for the local to visit the Casino.

Two short videos to show you the surrounding area of the beach.

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