Thursday, November 28, 2013

Shops that interest me in Chinatown

As I was strolling along Chinatown, I saw a few shops that interests me. There's this Tin Tin Shop selling everything from dolls, tee shirts, etc relating to Tin Tin.

Too bad, I have to blocked everything in second photo cause the shop does not allow photography so if you are a tin tin's fan, you can get the stuff from this tin tin shop in chinatown next to the MRT Station.

My sons love to read tin tin's comic books. These comic books were bought when they were still very young kids.

The next shop is a wedding shop near tin tin's shop which proves useful if anyone needs stuff for their weddings. You can get everything related to weddings under one roof.

Next is this Sichuan Restaurant and what interests me were these blue mini lobsters from Australia. They looked good on dinner table.:)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Recently my son got interested in fishing. This is the second fish he caught on his second fishing trip, caught the fish somewhere in punggol.