Saturday, December 24, 2022

Rifle Range Nature Park Singapore - Brisk walking

The latest attraction in Singapore is the newly open Rifle Range Nature Park. It is very easy to walk in this small park. Lots of tall trees to provide shade. Take about 2 hours to walk around the park. 

How to get there:
Beauty World (DT5): Take Exit A and head to Beauty World Centre Level 4. The overhead bridge links directly to Rambai Boardwalk, which leads you to the Visitor Pavilion.

By Bus:
184, 852, 961: Alight at Opp Beauty World (Bus stop ID: 42109)
41, 52, 61, 77, 157, 174, 184, 852, 961, 970, 985: Alight at Opp Bt Timah Plaza (Bus stop ID: 42089)

After exit A of Beauty World MRT Station, walked towards Beauty World Centre on Level 4. 

Walked into the building 
Head up to Level 4 via the escalator.

You will see a bridge and it leads to the nature park.

Direction can be seen on signboards and on the floor too. We are heading to the Quarry Wetland.

Nice view of the quarry, after all the photo taking, we head up to the hill. There's a lot of sign to direct us.
First, we need climb over these boulders. There is stair beside for those who cant climb the boulders.

On the top of the hill, we can see the view of the park.

After all the walking, makes us so hungry, we walked beack to beauty world centre to the hawker centre on Level 4 to have lunch.

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Friday, October 21, 2022

Fullerton Hotel Floral Decoration for Deepavali

Was at the Fullerton Hotel for a buffet lunch, spotted this beautiful floral decoration at the hotel in time for Deepavali next week. At first sight, I though the floral was surrounded by little lamp oil but was actually LED light.

After lunch, walked around Singapore River, it was so beautiful especially after the rain.

 Realise time passes so fast, these 3 years, did not do any travelling and my passport expiring soon. Hopefully, I can resume travelling next year. 

At the time of writting, I am still covid free but most of my family members had covid but mild symptoms and recover well and fast.

Now there urge for us to vaccinate the new bivalent vaccine. I am so scare of vaccination, already vaccinated 3 doses and my last booster was so painful and was sick for 2 days. 

Hope the covid virus will disappear soon. 

Monday, July 18, 2022

Capita Springs - New 51-storey skyscraper in CBD has S'pore's tallest observatory deck & rooftop farm

The latest attraction in Singapore must be Capital Spring new 51 storey skycraper.  It is Singapore tallest observatory deck and rooftop farm and open to the public.

Please check the opening hours in the website before heading down and sometimes the observatory will be closed for maintenance or private event.

Mondays - Fridays Level 17 - 20: 8:30am - 10:30am 2:30pm - 6:00pm The time slot of 10:30am - 2:30pm is strictly for CapitaSpring tenants, Citadines guests and restaurant patrons only
There's a queue to enter but the queue is a moving queue , takes us only about 10 minutes to reach the lift.

Head up to the 51st floor first to the observatory deck and rooftop garden.

Great place to view the whole of Singapore.
The roof top garden is fantastic with lots of vegetables growing.

Spotted Daikon Radish

View of MBS from the observatory deck

After visiting Level 51, head to Level 17 to Level 20. It spans four levels of greenery for social and activity spaces.

After visiting the observatory deck on Level 51 and green Oasis on Level 17 to 20, take the lift back to the ground level and head to the Hawker centre via escalator to Level 2 and 3. The hawker centre, which was previously known as the Golden Shoe Hawker Centre located at the Golden Shoe Carpark (where Capita Spring is located now).