Friday, July 30, 2010

Skywatch Friday - National Day 2010 Rehearsel - Fireworks

After watching the parade of the rehearsal by the streets, we walked over to Esplanade and watch the fireworks display by the Singapore River. It was so beautiful. I had another video that is too long to load to blogger, it takes just too long. That video was really so beautiful and I can felt as if the fireworks were falling onto me. I got a good seat by the Singapore River watching the fireworks. I will try my luck to load on You Tube.

Some short videos of the fireworks by the Singapore River.

Smaller fireworks behind me. They were fired up from the roof top of Esplanade. There are more smaller fireworks fired from other office buildings around me, but I could not capture them all. You might like to view a video in You Tube taken by someone of the fireworks viewed from Marina Bay Sands.

A video taken from Marina Bay Sands in You Tube.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

National Day 2010 Rehearsal - Display of planes

National Day Celebration is not completed without the display of the planes.

I have no idea what you call them but searching the official website gave me this The above display is that of a G550-AEW escorted by four F5 fighter planes. The G550-AEW is able to detect, identify and track aerial targets from a longer range. Now I sounded so smart...hahaha.

There's another short video on a chinook carrying the huge Singapore Flag but I will released the video on our National Day i.e. 9th August 2010.

You can read more about the display of planes from the official website of NDP 2010.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

National Day 2010 Rehearsal - March past by Mobile Vehicles Part 2

More short videos of the march past by the vehicles

March past by Civil Defence - Accident and Emergency and Rescue

March past by police force

March past by the navy

There are more but the video took too long to load in blog.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

National Day 2010 Rehearsal - March Past by Army Vehicles

This is my husband's favourite, he took such a long video of the march past of these vehicles by the army, civil defence, police, navy, etc with his camera that I cant load his video into

So these are just some of the short videos of the march past by the vehicles taken by my camera. I think there are hundred of these vehicles on that day. We dont have a yearly march past by these vehicles, I think it is about four years once when the National Day Celebration will be held at Padang. Normally, the celebrations will be held at stadium or the floating platform at marina.

March Past by army armour tanks,etc

Friday, July 23, 2010

Skywatch Friday - National Day Rehearsal - Parachuters

One of the favourites with the crowd that day, they were the parachuters. It was so nice to watch them so close in action even though I cant see them touch down on ground. Whether it is the real celebration or just the rehearsal, they took their job seriously.

By this time, my neck was so

The video is exactly how I viewed the exciting action from my direction on street level.

Sorry for the blurness in the last video, cause of my excitement of videoing the action, I did not focus my camera properly.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

National Day 2010 Rehearsal - 21 gun salute

Wow this sounds so scary. The loud sound was from the canon. It is part of the 21 gun salute as a respect for the arrival of the president. The canon was fired when the president arrived at the celebration of NDP. But since this is not the real NDP celebration, so a stand in for the president was arranged.

Each time the canon fired, I would startled . That's the reason why my camera moved when I was videoing.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

National Day Parade 2010 Rehearsal - Participants

Participants walking towards the venue of the celebration. There are more participants already stationed at the venue but these are just a handful that I saw along the streets.
Lion and Dragon Dances are always favourite with the audience.

Most older Singaporeans about my age can identify with the above float. It is the old National Theatre in River Valley Road. It was a landmark that most older Singaporeans will remember.

But it is so sad to see it gone. In the early 1980s, the theatre was labelled structurally unsafe due to defects discovered in its cantilever roof. Also, with the proximity of the proposed Central Expressway underground tunnel to the theatre coupled with its declining use due to the lack of air-conditioning, led to a government decision to demolish the National Theatre
You can view more information about it from wikipedia .

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My World Tuesday - National Day 2010 Rehearsal - March Past by Guard of Honours

As mentioned earlier, last weekend, I watched the behind the scenes of the National Day 2010 rehearsal. I did not managed to get tickets to view the whole performance on the actual site, i.e. at the padang field (a huge field infront of city hall).

These are the flag bearers. They looked so smart in their uniform.

Everyone must looked smart and everything must go right for the march past.

Some short videos of the march past towards Padang - the place where the celebrations started.

You can watch the You Tube of one of the rehearsal. The video was from the official site of NDP 2010

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Monday, July 19, 2010

National Day 2010 Rehearsal-Getting Ready for the March Past

This is just one of several rehearsals for National Day Celerbations. The actual day is on 9th August 2010. Read from the papers, there were about nine such rehearsals where roads were closed for the purposes. Everything need to be perfect for the big day.

The continents were all stationed at the road next to the site where the celebrations were held. I did not get the tickets to watch the actual or rehearsal, so I just stationed myself on the street to watch the parade. Once they got the go ahead, they would marched to the site. The participants all need to be there many hours ahead. Cannot imagine if there's a big downpour.

These armour tanks and a whole lot more positioned themselves getting ready for the march past. It was so grand and lovely. Wow first time, I saw so many army vehicles and tanks up so close.
I took several video of the march past, the numerous army vehicles really awed me.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

National Day 2010 Rehearsal

Yesterday was a very busy day for me. There's lot of actions happening in the city.

What is happening here? Why are these people lining on the streets of Singapore?

Why are there so many police and army personnels on the road?

Oh no worry, it is just one of the rehearsal for our coming National Day 2010 celebrations on 9th August 2010. Our National Day is also our independent Day. This year Singapore will be celebrating its 45th birthday. Geez I am five years older than my

Behind the scenes. We dont get to see much of these behind the scenes on television. This is the first time in my 50 years of life as a Singaporean that I get to see the national day parade. Well it is not the actual, just the rehearsal but is good Next year, I must try to ballot for the tickets to watch the real parade on site. Now I just had to be contended to watch along the streets.
You have to follow closely the lengthy series on my posting about the rehearsal in my coming posts. Lots of video and actions coming up..........

Friday, July 16, 2010

Skywatch Friday - Cable Cars

Cable cars moving from Harbour Front to Sentosa and vice versa. Took these photos from inside the ferry on the way back from Batam to Singapore.

The cable cars are newer and better. Been a long time since I sat in one of them, need to try out the new cable cars, one day.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

View of Resort World Sentosa

View of Resort World Sentosa from my ferry on the way to Batam.
Hard Rock Hotel, Sentosa
Part of Universal Studio, construction still going on.

The above photo is that of Labrador Park which is part of Singapore which is connected to the whole island of Singapore. It was a former defence battery and we still can see traces of the fort.

You can read the history of Labrador Park from Infopedia.

According to Legend, it was believed there was an undersea tunnel between Labrador Park and Sentosa but no one can verify that. There was a research on the tunnel which shows a collapsed undersea tunnel about 20 metres underground. The tunnel was thought to allow the british soldiers easy access between islands.

One day, I will visit Labrador Park and take more photos of the park. Geez, Singapore is so small but there are so many places I have yet visited

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My World Tuesday - Ferry Terminal - Trip to Batam, Indonesia

As mentioned during last week, My World Tuesday, I was going on a short trip. The answer for the question posted last week, was Batam, Indonesia. I went Island Hopping during the weekend.

Hop over to Batam Island in Indonesia. Batam is very near Singapore. It was just only about 45 mintures ferry ride from Singapore to Batam.

The queue to board the ferry that I was in during the weekend, was indeed long. But it took very fast to get all the people onto the ferry. Very fast and comfortable ferry ride.
There are so many different companies operating the different types of ferries to Batam. I will talked more about Batam in my travel blog. So if you are interested in my travel story abroad, please hop over to my travel blog.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Local Singer - Olivia Ong

I managed to get Olivia Ong's Album. Simply love her songs and her voice and the music. I could just relax on a chair and listen to her, very nice. BTW she is a Singaporean and she started her singing career in Japan and now she is back in Singapore to promote her songs.

You can listen to her song via You Tube.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Where did the comments go to?

I have no idea what happen to the comments that I published. I think they got lost in space.

Thanks to all those who visited my blog and thanks for your comments. Hopefully, the comments will return and be published soon.

My World Tuesday - Cruise/Ferry

This is the cruise and ferry terminal located in Harbour Front Centre.

The cruise centre has bigger and beautiful luxury ships that goes to nowhere (means on international water only), to Malaysia, Thailand and other parts of Asia.

Some goes on the cruise so that they can use the casino aboard the ships but with two casinos now on Singapore Land, I guess it somehow affect the business of the cruise ships.

I have not try the cruise before but I might do so one day. I actually prefer the plane.

The ferry terminal has services to Batam and other parts of Indonesia. Look at the signboard that reads CIP Lounge. I thought it should be VIP (Very Important People). But on checking, I realised that CIP meant Commercially Important Passenger.
I will be out of Singapore this weekend, guess where I am going? Answer will be post, when I return from my short trip. :)

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Looney Tunes at Plaza Singapura

These photos taken during the June school holiday. I brought my niece for a movie and happen to know there's a show by Looney Tunes. Oh I love Bugs Bunny. I was so excited that I brought my niece to watch the show.

But I am wondering why I am more excited than niece about Bugs I guess I am still young at heart. this give me the excuse not to bring niece to Universal Studio Singapore in future...hahaha. Planning to go to Universal Studio Singapore later part of the year as some of the attractions are not ready yet. I want to make my money worth...hahaha.
Being the football season, Bugs Bunny is the goal keeper while the kids get to throw the ball into the net.

Some short videos on Looney Tunes Characters in action.