Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Decorations 2013 - Peacock Theme at Tangs

This year I did not take photos of any christmas decorations but the one that caught my eyes was at Tangs Department Store in Orchard Road. Seems like they're having a peacock theme in their store.

The main attraction must be this mannequin with a headdress full of peacock feathers that stretches to nowhere. Was really beautiful indeed.

Even the window display have lots of peacock decorations.

Inside the mall another mannequin with peacock fashion.

Been a long time since I shop at Tangs, they did some renovations in the mall, looks neater and more spacious.

Friday, December 20, 2013

West Gate Shopping Mall Jurong East Singapore

This is the latest shopping mall to open in Jurong East. There's three new shopping malls near Jurong East MRT Stations that opened recently. JCube opened last year, JEM opened this year and Westgate just opened this year or rather half the mall is occupied. Most shops are still in the process of opening.

Love the family of panda statues infront of Westgate shopping mall.

Love the neat layout of shops inside Westgate. One can easily view most of the shops from each level. I hated malls with corners and pillars that blocked the view of most shops. One need to look at the mall directory to find out the shops available on each level.

From the ground level, I was attracted by the huge treehouse on the roof garden. I just need to make my way up to find out more.

Sculpture of a girl with dog on the ground level. What I love about this mall was that there's lots of seats around for shoppers with tired feet.

Another branch of french restaurant, Poulet - I have yet tried their food, will do one day.

Cafe crema, lovely sandwiches

Another branch of famous French boulangerie/patisserie, Paul Bakery.

This must be the favourite place for children, the playground on the roof garden with a big treehouse, even I was attracted to it.

Fourth branch of the famous Hong Kong Tim Ho Wan opened in Westgate. I have not tried their dim sum yet, the queue is really frightening, one need to queue more than 1 hour to dine there but I guess things will improve when they open more branches.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Candy Making

This candy shop has many branches all over Singapore. My niece and I love watching the process of them making candies and after that my niece would choose the cute candies with faces, etc and I have to pay for them lol. But too much candies is not good for her teeth so I brought her there only during the school holidays to watch them.

The candies make great gifts too.

Love watching the process of making the candy.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Skating at J Cube Jurong East Singapore

Today I finally visited JCube in Jurong East. The mall opened last year. I dont shop often in Jurong cause is quite far from where I stay.

Interesting to note some new shops instead of the usual chain of shops found in most malls. Love the furnishing shop francfranc, they sold a lot of interesting and cute homestyle products. Prices are reasonable.

The most attractive business in JCube must be The Rink. It is Singapore's first and only Olympic-size ice skating rink, offers an unparalleled experience on and off the ice. Located on Level 3 in JCube. You can find more information about The Rink from its website..

Do not fear if one does not know how to skate, they have skating aids in the shape of seal and penguins. Very cute and interesting.

Short videos of the skating rink.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Chinatown Heritage Centre Part 3

Living condition during the past were very poor, the corridor were narrow and dark and each unit can houses several cubicles of families.

They have to share a common kitchen and bathroom.

In the past, people cannot afford to purchase a refrigerator so they kept their food in small cabinet and hang them up to prevent rats from crawling in.

Can guess that this room belongs to a family who either makes or sell shoes.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Chinatown Heritage Centre Part 2

This part of the exhibit shows the market place where everyones seems so busy selling and purchasing.

Replica of a tea house where the spitton under the table is a common sight during the earlier times of chinatown and also other parts of Singapore.

F&N Beverages in wooden crates were very popular during the earlier times and especially during Chinese New Year. I remember we used the empty rounded bottles to double up as rolling pins. Nowadays they dont comes in bottles or wooden crates.

A bookstore where the magazines with then popular actresses on the covers, think is during the50s, 60s and 70s.

I used to have the small bicycle when I was a young child, all these exhibits really bring back fond memories of my childhood and I spend time explaining each of them to my 12 year old niece.

At one corner is a replica of a jewllery shop.

The chain above is actually a belt to tie round the waist to hold the skirt or sarong. My late mom had a similar belt chain and she gave it to my brother. Maybe one day I will take photo of it and post it here.

All these wired bangles are so familar to me and yes, I wore them too as a child. The one I wore is actually like the one below but I think my late mom had discarded them.