Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Walking Trip Part 9 - Forest Walk - Activities by Students

I am almost done walking from Henderson Waves to Alexandra Arch. I did not complete the whole stretch of Southern Ridges which started from Marang Trail (i.e. at the foot of Mount Faber, opposite Vivo City) which ended in the West Coast of Singapore. The whole stretch is about 9 km and take more than 3 hours for an average walker like me.

This map is taken from the straits times and I found it in this blog. You can click on the map to enlarge it. The trail that I took was between the yellow and red trails, it is short and I already posted so It took me 1 and half hour to complete the short trail, which included resting and phototaking. Can you imagine if I completed the whole 9 km, I would post days and weeks of the

I think these university students completed the whole trail. They are playing Amazing Race, a local version. The above photo shows some of them getting lost.

Short and interesting videos of these students.

They have to complete some challenges before they can continued their amazing race.


Unknown said...

It does look like a long trail to walk but one which is blessed with nature as company. How fun :D

Unknown said...

It's been there for so long, and I have not even walk any part of it!

ya, i am a lazy boy....

alicesg said...

M. Kate, yes it is indeed fun especially when the company I am with are so much fun to be with.

Keropok, it is so near where you worked...hehehe.

Photo Cache said...

that's a 9-km walk? wow that's some serious hiking eh?

good for you. you now can go to the buffet after that walk :)