Friday, August 7, 2009

My Walking Trip Part 11 - Skywatch Friday-Alexandra Arch

Today, my walking trip has come to an end with skywatch. :) Hope those that been cyberwalking on this trip with me, have a good time looking at the photos.

This is another bridge that is very lovely, although Henderson Waves looked so much prettier. This bridge is known as Alexandra Arch and it looked like part of a leaf. The bridge also form part of the connector that forms the southern ridge.

After Alexandra Arch, there is the famous Hort Park, but my two friends are too tired to continue the walk, so we did not proceed to Hort Park.
Hort Park is a gardening hub for those who love gardening.
A short video showing Alexandra Arch.
For other sky watchers, please hop over to Skywatch blog.


Jim said...

That's an interesting arch.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

escape said...

we actually felt like we were walking with you. i hardly get the chance to video my travels as im busy shooting.

alicesg said...

Dong, I like to include short video so that you all can have the feeling that you are there.

Anya said...

Its a fantastic bridge,
really special :)

Jane Hards Photography said...

I do like a metal structure. Interesting angles.

Guy D said...

Great shots as always Alice!

Have a great weekend.
Regina In Pictures

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Very interesting. Great shots. Thanks.

Jim Klenke said...

It looks like its easy to fall over the side. I would be afraid someone would push me. Nice looking though.

alicesg said...

Jim, you wont fall...hehehe. There's a barrier there.

Erin said...

i so enjoy your tour of the city...they are excellent and so very interesting and informative.
love your photos too.
have a lovely weekend.

Marju said...

Beautiful photos, stunning landscapes!!

Photo Cache said...

that was some walk alice.